4 Simple Tips To Make Your Baby Smile

when will my baby smile

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Your little busy boy is now sharing his wonderful smile with the world around him. You can now teach him the giggles by playing games like peek-a-boo and feel rewarded when you find him flashing his pink little grin. You may be trying for the next few days to re-create the same smile. Now the obvious question that arises is when can you expect when does a baby smile for the first time?

Smiling is a good way to help your baby develop his self-esteem. Not only does it make him feel happy, it also aids his overall brain development.

Tips To Coax A Grin:

Here are some simple tips that will help you know when does a baby first smile:

  • Look for the time when your baby is relaxed. It will be difficult for you to make him smile if he is hungry.
  • Draw your baby close to you in your arms. Babies at this age can see objects around 8-12 inches away.
  • You must smile at him widely and say a warm “hello”. You may find him smiling back at you.

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Reflex Smile Of Babies:

Babies give reflex smile while they are sleeping and also as early as birth. Here is what experts have to say about it:

  • The reflex smiles are similar to sucking and rooting in newborn babies.
  • The reflex smiles are innate and are said to keep your baby safer.
  • You can expect to see these reflexes from the time of birth to 3 days. This smile lasts for about 2 months.

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When Does A Baby First Smile -The First Real Smile:

If you are expecting the first real smile of your baby, you need to wait till the 6th or the 8th week. By this time the smiles become “learned smiles”. Here is what you can expect:

  • His grins last longer and you can see his expressions in his eyes as well.
  • By this time your baby smiles by looking at your reaction.
  • The joy and laughter he sees in your face makes him smile again and again.
  • It is not very easy to distinguish between a reflex smile and a real smile. However, when your baby uses his entire face along with the eyes and in response to your reaction, he is actually smiling.
  • In some cases the happy babies wait for 12 weeks to flash their real smiles.

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Games That Can Help Him Smile:

Babies start to smile when you encourage them to play different games. Here are some that you can try:

1. Upsy Daisy:

  • You can ask your baby to lie on his back.
  • Encourage him to grasp your hands around the thumb.
  • You can now put him up in the sitting position and say “upsy-daisy.”

2. Peek-A-Boo:

  • This is a favorite of all babies.
  • You can play with his cozy toy or simply the blanket and say peek-a-boo.
  • Soon your baby will mimic you and look for you.

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3. Kisses:

  • You can tickle your baby while kissing him.
  • Kiss on his belly or neck and see him giggle.

4. Bubbles:

  • You can blow bubbles near his face and let him grasp them with his hands.
  • He will break out in a giggle when the bubbles burst.

Do not fret if your baby is taking some time to smile. Maybe he just needs some more time. You must respect the differences between your baby and others. Keep playing those fun games with him and you may find him smiling one fine day.

We hope our little guide on first smile helps you discover the pretty smiley moments soon! Moms share with us how you felt when your baby smiled for the first time in the comment section below.

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