4 Unique Ways To Choose A Popular Name For Your Baby

Choose A Popular Names

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When you hold your precious baby in your arms, life is beautiful. Whenever your baby grabs your cheek or smiles at you, you feel so blessed and ecstatic. Looking ahead at the future with your child and imagining yourself calling them by cute names and their reactions, is quite a thrilling experience.

Becoming a parent is not an easy task – starting from the pregnancy to the first six months after delivery, life gets filled with sleepless nights, dirty diapers and new lessons in parenting. The ladder of parenthood does seem difficult to climb, but it is one of the best experiences of one’s life. To be a responsible parent, you should ideally start with the right decision making processes. One of the right decisions is to select the right name for your baby.

As you share the good news of the new arrival in your life with close relatives and friends, they will overwhelm you with various names and suggestions. Numerous discussions and rounds of suggestions will happen, which c

an be quite tiring and exhausting. But with the databases available online, it is a fun and easy way to find that single beautiful name with a meaning and power of identity for your little baby.

Why Keep A Popular Name?

A name holds an identity of an individual, being parents, you need to take the decision on behalf of your baby!

  • These days, parents prefer to choose unique and popular names for their precious child.
  • Many are inspired by religious texts, celebrities, mentors, etc.
  • Furthermore, many parents prefer such names as they have a mystique charisma.

The Name Search Game:

The long list of names and its categories available online and offline are enough to make a new parent dizzy. Living in the global world of communication, there are several modes of communication to search for baby names – starting from taking ideas to relatives and friends to searching names online. Listing down of specific names, followed by logical, astrological and numerological reasoning helps in giving a name to your baby.

Here are some ways to help you out in this:

1. Alphabetical:

Another aspect of easy listing is the Alphabetical baby name list.

  • In many countries across the world, parents want their baby’s name to start with their initials.
  • You can choose your or your partner’s first initial and search according to your preferences.
  • This will help you to choose names as many ways you wish to. Such as – religion-wise, culture-wise, place, country, etc.
  • For example: If the alphabet is C then names can be chosen like Catherine, Celestica, etc.

2. Uniqueness In A Name:

Dividing the name search according to the preferences of region, religion, boy or girl, uniqueness, meaning, linguistic, etc, helps in short listing couple of names from the zillions of names available on the Internet.

Using the online search of names has been categorized on two broad aspects – baby girl name and baby boy name, further subdividing the name based on preferences. Then, to check the uniqueness or popularity of the name, one can type into the search engine and see the popularity of the name.

3. Checking Your Choices:

Before zooming on a particular name, check certain factors like its key meaning, how popular is that name, spelling variants and its different meanings (if any).

  • For example, if you take the baby boy name Rahul, it is very popular in India. Many famous personalities also don that name, such as Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Khanna, Rahul Dravid, etc. The name has variant meaning, such as ‘able’, ’efficient’ or ‘conqueror of all miseries and bondages’.
  • When you look at similar names globally, there is another famous name ‘Raul’. Raul is very popular name in Latin America, Spain and European Unions. The meaning of the name Raul is strong, which concludes the meaning of the Indian version of Rahul.
  • Similar searches of names can be exhausting and but all the efforts will be worth when your baby has been able to live up his or her name of strong, able, conquering all miseries, etc.

4. Popular Names Of Personalities:

Many parents name their child, after their favorite stars or sports persons, politicians, so that their baby can accumulate their fortunes and imbibe their characteristics.

  • If you do an online search, there is a humongous list of popular names and personalities along with their defined meanings characteristics and traits.
  • Some popular names are in Latin America are Juan and Julia; in Britain and Canada the popular baby boy name is William or George; in USA Jacob, James, Emma, Anya to name a few.
  • These names are very unique as well as popular in many TV shows; often, they are associated with your favorite brand or personality.
  • To help you identify popular names, there are a few statistical online search sites of names offering popularity stats, just like there are website showing the stock prices!

After Listing Possible Names:

Online baby name listings are a very time efficient, neat and clean method to identify the right name for your baby. Referring to online and offline guides and searches with the use of preferences, the cumbersome process of relative’s suggestions, dictionaries and other means has become hassle free.

The final choice is yours and you get to benefit from multiple resources and categories. So choose the best one for your darling.

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