20 Amazing Tomboy Names For Girls

Tomboy Names For Girls

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Are you looking for a not-so feminine name for your little girl? Are you seeking for a name that steers clear of all the flowery and super romantic things? Then you have come to the right place.

A tomboy is a girl who behaves or exhibits characteristics of a boy. She is often into masculine things like wearing guy’s clothes, engaging in physically enduring games and activities. Typical floral and dainty names do not go well with the image of a tomboy. You have to select a rough and tough name for her. You can begin your quest with our list of tomboy names for girls. Take a look at our bold, heroic and exotic tomboy baby girl names.

1. Kai:

With its exotic roots, simple pronunciation and appropriateness for both girls and boys, Kai take the spot for our Tomboy girl names list. The meaning of this Hawaiian name is ‘sea’. The name reflects the tomboy’s love for style and diversity – all at the same time. The name also has the star power. Actress Jennifer Connelly chose the

name for her son.

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2. Anais:

Don’t you think Anais has an alluring pronunciation? And how can you forget the famous namesake, Anais Nin, the daring novelist of the “50 Shades of Grey”.

3. Aubrey:

Aubrey is a German name meaning ‘ruler’. With its simple pronunciation, Aubrey gives a perfect tomboy angle to a classic name. And if it worked with Hillary Duff, and Colin Firth, it will work for you too.

4. Evan:

Evan is an Anglicized version of John. It comes from a Welsh name Lefan, meaning ‘God is good’. The popular tomboy name had been sitting among the top 100 for decades and is now slowly climbing back up the charts. In Celtic, the name means ‘young warrior’.

5. Sydney:

The name Sydney goes beyond Australia. The destination name is perfect for your darling too. In the last century, Sidney was more popular for boys but is now common amongst girls.

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6. Tyler:

Tyler was super-trendy in the nineties. It laid the foundation for the last-name-as-a-first-name movement. There is also another tradition associated with Tyler. It initiated the practice of using one’s profession as a surname.

7. Alex:

In its full form, Alexandra is regal, feminine and saintly. It is dainty, but not in a flimsy way. The name has some perky short forms like Allie or Lexie and Alex. We like Alex the most, but you can consider Allie or Lexie too.

8. Gus:

A girl with a name ‘Gus’? Sounds weird to you, right? Just like Alex follows from Alexandra, Gus is the logical short form of Augusta. Gus has been a tomboy name for years. This one-syllable name has a cuddly vibe to it.

9. Beatrix:

Most of the time, weird spellings of traditional names often go wrong, for example, Jorja or Rybekka. But Beatrix is one example that sounds oh-so-right. All thanks to the letter ‘x’, you have got a name that falls between the old-fashioned Beatrice and the wickedly trendy Bellatrix.

10. Beckett:

We don’t know whether it is the sporty ‘b’ or the chic double ‘t’ that make the name Beckett so attractive. It does not sound delicate or extremely feminine, just the kind you would want for your daughter. In fact, Freakonomics predicted that Beckett would be one of the most popular names of 2015. How could anyone be so right with his or her prediction?

11. Callie:

Most of the names for girls are sweet, and a handful of names are strong. But a name like Callie manages to be a bit of both. Callie is one of those cute tomboy girls names that have a new school meet old-school twist to it, something that no tomboy can resist.

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