50 Nice & Beautiful Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Congrats on the new arrival in your life! The name you choose for your newborn boy is one of the most important gifts you can give him.Here is a list of beautiful baby boy names.

The nine months preceding the arrival of your sweet bundle of joy are full of festivities and blessings. A special room to decorate, furniture and toys to buy and an important task to be accomplished is – selecting a name for your baby!

We all have different views when it comes to choosing a special and a unique name. Often, we look for a trendsetting name that goes well with our last name. Perhaps you don’t want your child to be one of those kids who have a lot of classmates sharing his name. Or maybe, you grew up with a common name and had always longed for a name that was a little more different than what everyone else had! This time you don’t want your child to face it as well.

The Challenge of Selecting the Right Name:

“Names have power.”?from ‘The Lightning Thief’

While planning the name for an unborn child,

we not only look for beautiful boy names, but also meaningful ones. Coming up with a memorable name can sometimes be a challenge. Often a unique name can come across as unpronounceable or difficult to spell. Choosing a unique name can be scary too, mostly because there’s a thin line between the ‘wow’ of an unusual name, and being ridiculed for having a name that’s too strange or weird!

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But don’t worry, we’ve sorted it out here and posted below a collection of unique and beautiful names for boys (with their meanings) that will be individual and special while not being too unusual – easing the daunting task a bit; just what you needed, right?

How to Start your Search:

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches” – Bible.

Start discussing possible names with your partner; keep a list of favorite names handy so you can add to it whenever a name pops into your head. There are a lot of factors to consider when you decide on a name for your baby boy, such as:

Specific traits in the meaning that you’d like to associate with your little boy.

Honouring someone close.

Avoiding embarrassing initials or nicknames.

Steering clear of monikers associated with bad memories.

Appeasing close relatives’ wishes.

Your family history and legacy.

It is said, ‘Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names’. Such is the power of a name! Check out the list below to start your search. Remember, your child has to live forever with the choice you pick. So all the best and choose a unique yet meaningful name for your lovable son!

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Names from A to Z:

Aadarsh: ideal

Ahmed: worthy of praise

Aarush: first ray of sun

Abhay: fearless

Agastya: a famous saint in Hindu mythology

Ameya: boundless

Arnav: ocean

Bhairav: Lord Shiva

Bharat: universal monarch

Chinmay: full of knowledge and happiness

Chittesh: ruler of mind

Deepak: lamp

Devang: part of God

Divyesh: sun

Ebrahim: Arabic name

Edwin: prosperous friend

Evan: warrior

Gaurav: honor, pride

Girish: god of mountain

Gurmeet: friend of the guru

Harshvardhan: one who increases joy

Hrishikesh: Lord Vishnu

Ishan: sun

Ishwar: one who is powerful

Jagdeesh: Lord Vishnu

Jaidev: god of victory

Kartik: name of a Hindu god

Kaushik: love

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Kshitij: horizon

Lalit: beautiful

Lokesh: Lord Indra

Maitreya: friend

Mehul: rain

Mihir: sun

Naman: salute

Nandish: Lord Shiva

Nihal: happy

Omkar: divine

Oorjit: powerful

Partha: king

Pavan: wind

Puneet: pure

Rajat: silver

Rishi: ray of light

Samar: war

Samrat: emperor

Shail: mountain

Tanmay: engrossed

Tarun: young

Tejas: sharp

Uday: to rise

Ujjwal: bright

Umang: enthusiasm

Vaibhan: richness

Veer: brave

Wahib: generous

William: protector

Yash: success

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Yousuf: Arabic form of Joseph

Zaid: growth

Zoran: dawn

Happy Naming your son with beautiful names for boys!

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