3 Learning Activities For Your 4 Month Old Baby

4 month baby activities

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This is one of the interesting milestones of your darling baby as she will be keener to explore the world around her. Your 4 months old is now distracted with things happening around her. She is now capable of distinguishing between different shades like orange and red. Bright colored objects now keep her engaged.

Your baby’s brain development is faster than before in this technologically advanced world. She has developed 100 billion brain cells by now. The connections are formed depending on her discoveries, interests and experiences around the world.

Activities For 4 Month Old Baby:

Your baby now learns studying your faces, expressions and eyes. Your 4 months old now starts learning while engaging in different activities. She loves sitting upright and plays with toys that bounce back at her. You are actually aiding her development by respecting her interests. Here are 3 interesting 4 month old baby activities:

1. Reading For Fun:

reading for fun

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If you felt your baby is too young to read, you are wrong. It is never too early to start reading. Here is what both of you can enjoy:

  • Begin with board books that are sturdy and short.
  • She will love touching the books and may taste them too!
  • You may find her interests fleeting. Never mind, as interests for few seconds is enough to create an everlasting impression.
  • Make expressions and gestures while reading.
  • Allow her to touch the book. It can create wonders.

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2. Development Of Motor Skills:

development of motor skills

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There is a huge time range when babies start rolling. You may find your baby rolling over at this stage. However, it is always better to keep her on her tummy till she develops her muscles.

  • The first time a baby rolls over is from tummy to back.
  • Her round shaped tummy may help her have fun side-by-side.
  • While some babies roll over immediately, some may take another milestone to roll over again.

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3. Your Baby Starts Teething:

your baby starts teething

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For some babies teeth appears as early as in the 3rd and 4th month. Hereditary plays an important role in this case. Some babies develop a ridge or bulging gum for weeks before their teeth starts appearing. Discomfort associated with teething tends to vary from a baby to the other. Here is one of the 4 months old baby activities:

  • You may find your baby developing rashes on her face because of too much of drooling.
  • She might bite anything she grabs to soothe her aching gums.
  • She may refuse to take a bottle.
  • She might rub her sore cheek.
  • You may find her passing loose stools.
  • In case you have any concerns for teething, you can consult with your baby’s doctor.

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Developmental Concerns and Tips For Activities For 4 Months Old Baby:

The milestones discussed above are generic. Every baby develops in her own pace. Do not force her to do something she is not capable of. Dividing lines between the months are very fuzzy and you should not worry about them. In case you are worried, you can discuss your concerns with your doctor. Enjoy and see your baby growing up.

  • Touching helps faster development in babies. Stroking her head and cuddling your baby helps in release of hormones that actually helps in her growth.
  • Babies who are massaged enjoy deeper and longer periods of sleep. A stress hormone, cortisol inhibits growth. This is produced less in children massaged regularly.
  • Again, if your baby is prematurely born, you must measure her developments against her right age and not the actual date of birth. Your doctor shall evaluate her skills depending on the time when she should have been born.

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Remember, these months of your baby will never come back. So make the most of it, instead of comparing your baby’s development with other babies.

Mothers did you find the information on activities for 4 month old baby helpful? Share with us your experiences of your baby developing each day.

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