80 Stylish Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Congratulations it’s a baby boy! May god shower his blessings on your little angel and may he fill your life with love, joy and happiness.

Being a parent is probably the most exciting event in one’s life, especially if you’re a first-time parent. The sole prospect of having a baby gives you that jittery, happy feeling you just can’t contain, and after the arrival of your sweet little bundle of joy, sharing the happiness with your family and friends and making proper arrangements for the newborn is all that you want to do.

Now that your baby boy is born, you’ll need to have everything done to meet his needs- after all your little hero requires special care and pampering, which he truly deserves. After sorting out diapers, baby clothing and all the other essentials, it’s time to focus on something that’s probably the most important- giving your son a name.

Every parent wants to give the best to their baby boy – something that he truly deserves in his life. We understand the confusion most of the

parents go through while naming their son with a suitable yet trendsetting name. But also do keep in mind- the meaning of the name of your child is an important aspect you can’t really ignore. Your family and friends may have different names in the mind, but ultimately, the decision comes down to the parents. Don’t worry; we are here to soothe your confusions and help you choose the best stylish boy name, which you would love calling your hero throughout your life and he, in turn, will love it too!

Weighing your Options While Choosing Stylish Boy Names

With the plethora of sources and options available in searching a baby name, hunting for a name actually becomes a joyful experience in itself. To help you get started, here we have put down some tips to help you choose a stylish boy name for your baby.

1. By Origin:

Many of our families and friends have a list of names in their minds and thus share them with you in selecting the name of your child, but you may want to select the best baby name in accordance of origin. This may comprise:-

  • Giving your baby identification associated with your culture and family heritage.
  • If you, as parents are religious you may want to name your baby after a Biblical figure, a saint, Islamic figures or any religion that you follow.

2. Popularity or Uniqueness:

  • Just like many others, you may also be searching for a unique and stylish name for your baby.
  • The names may be from books, epics, inspired by movies or Hollywood actors.
  • Make sure you choose a name which is easy to use; that way, it is easier for others to accept it, spell it and pronounce the name.
  • Nowadays, many parents name their kids Scott, Branlee, Jaxxon, Christian, Brooklynn, Alice, Caiden, Alen etc.
  • While choosing a popular or unique name, you need to be patient and decide after discussing with your partner.

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3. Stylish Celebrity Inspired Names:

As parents, you may have a feeling at the corner of your heart to name your baby after your favorite celebrity. Celebrities may vary from movie stars, politician, musician, sports stars, singer, etc. The name given by you to your child will be used for their entire life, so being careful is the key while choosing any celebrity names. Give a name to your son that makes you feel proud as well as suits your little one when he grows older. Take your time, be patient and choose a beautiful yet stylish names for boys, which you and your partner will truly love.

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80 Popular & Stylish Names For Boys With Meanings

Here we’ve put down some stylish baby boy names that you may like. Read on…

1. Aabheer: A cowherd
2. Aadarsh: Ideal
3. Aachman: Intake of a sip of water before a puja
4. Aalap: Musical
5. Aandaleeb: The Bulbul bird
6. Aaric: Rule with mercy
7. Aarao: Aaron was Moses older brother
8. Aart: Like an eagle
9. Abaan: Old Arabic name
10. Abagtha: Father of the wine-press
11. Aballach: Father of Modron
12. Aplesh: Tiny
13. Abir: Strong
14. Alawi: Descendant of Ali
15. Bhavamanyu: Creator of Universe
16. Bhavesh: Lord Shiva
17. Bir: Courageous
18. Baha: Beautiful, Magnificent
19. Bilva: A sacred leaf
20. Baahir: Dazzling, Brilliant
21. Backstere: Baker
22. Badar: Full moon
23. Baerhloew: Ruler or lives on the bare hill
24. Bagwunagijik: Hole in the sky
25. Chahel: Good Cheer
26. Cheliyan: Rich, Resourceful, prosperous
27. Cyril Borne: by large number of Saint
28. Chinmay: Supreme Consciousness
29. Cacanisius: Son of Nis
30. Cace: Observant, alert, vigorous
31. Chanakya: Bright
32. Daafi: One who expels prevents
33. Dalil: Another name for God, Evidence, A guide
34. Daiwik: By the grace of God
35. Denise: From Dionysisu, God of wine
36. Dylan: The sea
37. Dyutit: Illuminated
38. Daberath: The word, the thing, a bee, obedient
39. Daelan: Rhyming- a historical blacksmith with supernatural, powers
40. Eadbert: Name of a King
41. Fadl: Outstanding, Honourable
42. Galav: To worship
43. Giles: Youthful downy-beared one
44. Gupli: A secret
45. Gurmeet: A Friend of the Guru
46. Gaddiel: The Lord my happiness, Goat of God
47. Haadiya: Guide to righteousness
48. Haani: Happy, Delighted, Content
49. Haashim: Generosity, Prophet’s grandfather
50. Haroon: Hope
51. Hiranya: Gold, Golden
52. Huthayfa: Old Arabic name
53. Ibhya: Possessor of many attendants.
54. Ikshu: Sugarcane, sweetness
55. Iri: Hanuman, son of wind God
56. Ishit: One who desires to rule
57. Janav: Protecting men
58. Jyran: Lost love
59. Kalinga: One who knows the arts and the skills
60. Kashif: Connoisseur
61. Karik: Sparkling
62. Kulik: Well Born
63. Labeeb: Sensible, Intelligent
64. Lavitra: Lord Shiva
65. Lomash: A sage
66. Mannith: Chosen
67. Manvik: Conscious
68. Muwafaq: Successful
69. Naajy: Safe
70. Naman: Salutation
71. Naotau: New
72. Narun: Leader of Men
73. Oha: Meditation, true knowledge
74. Omja: Born of cosmic unity
75. Oviyan: Artist
76. Phenil: Foamy
77. Payod: Cloud
78. Qays: Firm
79. Rijul: Innocent
80. Rwiju: Straight, erected

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As every name has a story to tell, we wish you enjoy every minute that you spend in looking for the unique name of the very special member in your family and choose the best stylish boy baby names. Happy Naming!

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