3 Learning Activities For Your 5 Month Old Baby

5 mont old baby activities

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Now that your baby is 5 months old, you may find her picky about activities. You will find her mostly near you when you are eating, trying to get an idea about your diet!

It is one of the best times to engage yourself with different types of activities. However, be careful, this is the time when babies are known to experience their first separation anxiety.

Your 5 Months Old Baby Activities:

Your baby now learns studying your faces, expressions and eyes. Your 5 months old now starts learning while engaging in different activities. He/she loves sitting upright and plays with toys that bounce back at her. You are actually aiding her development by respecting her interests. Here are 3 interesting 5 months old baby activities:

1. Developments In Your 5 Months Old:

Your baby discovers different sounds and can imitate those noises with her lips and tongue.

  • She will be delighted with razzing sounds and bubbles.
  • She is busy exploring the sounds around her and probably repeati
    ng them again and again.
  • Your baby develops a strong sense of humor at this stage.
  • Do you find her giggling when you sneeze? Well, that is because of the funny sound or contorted expression that you give while sneezing.
  • Learn to follow the different sounds she makes for different needs. This will help you figure out if she wants at which time.

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2. Development Of Large Motor Skills:

By this time, your baby will enjoy different sitting positions. Developing large motor skills also comes under one of the learning activities of 5 month old baby. Have a closer look below:

  • Your 5 month old enjoys the vantage point, as she can take a look at her whole body. This also enables her to have a better view of the things around.
  • You may find your sweetie curved back, put her hands in the front and prop herself up. The good news is that your baby is getting stronger day by day.
  • She might try to let her hands free to get a toy. Surround your baby with soft toys and cushions to avert falls.
  • You can now make her sit in a high chair and let her watch the family enjoying meals. She now feels a part of the family.
  • You can introduce a sipper to your 5 months old. She will learn to clutch the sipper with her hands and sip water or milk from it. Do not bother about the spills in the beginning; these are part of his growing up process.

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3. Beginning With Solids:

Though breastfeed is recommended exclusively for the first six months, you can ask your baby’s doctor and start introducing solids in small amounts. Your baby may not get her daily dose of nutrients from the formula milk or the breast feeds any more. Initially, you may not find your baby too enthusiastic about the solids and find that baby still prefers your breast milk. However, when you start eating in front of your darling she might grow curious about what you are eating.

Below are discussed some signs that show your baby is ready for solids:

  • Your baby must hold up his head. In case you are still in doubt about this activity, you need to wait before introducing solids.
  • Look for the tongue-thrust reflex to push the solid food out. This reflex protects her from chocking.
  • Your baby must develop the skill of pushing food inside again to swallow it.
  • Lower lip of your baby must be well coordinated, which will help her draw foods from a spoon.
  • Your baby must be gastronomically ready for solid foods.
  • However, when you are introducing solids for the first time, remember to be careful about the consistency. You can mix it with formula milk or your breast milk to get the desired consistency.

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All these are the wonderful changes you will notice in your price or princess during the 5th month. Remember to keep her play area is free from clutter and there are no dangerous obstructions there. Put away the breakable objects and hazardous stuffs. Start introducing her to complex toys and play essentials when you see her skills improving.

Moms, share with us if you have any other 5 month old baby development activities that you have enjoyed with your baby the most in the comment section below.

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