Top 10 Water-Inspired Names For Your Baby

Water-Inspired Names For Your Baby

Are you an ardent fan of swimming, fishing, and beaches? Do you want to name your child after the fresh and calm waters? Are you looking for a name that alludes to or literally means water? Well, then you are at the right post.

Water related names sound incredibly cool and fashionable. In fact, it is a trend to bestow nature-inspired names on the babies. So today, we have compiled a small list of water inspired baby names. Whether you are looking for a name with an aqua-related meaning or just the term ‘water’ in another language, you will find everything here. Have a look!

Top 5 Girl Names Meaning Water:

1. Tallulah:

Tallulah is an Irish name meaning ‘leaping water’. It is an Anglicized version of Tuilelaith. It is a favorite with modern hipster parents. Actor Tallulah Bankhead is the infamous bearer of this name. Another famous bearer of this name is Tallulah Belle, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. Tallulah is also the name of two famous Irish saints. There are also many variations

of Tallulah like Tallula.

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2. Aqua:

Aqua is the Latin word for water, but people mostly associate it with a blue-green color. The name invokes a calming, blue-green sea feeling. Aqua will surely make a unique name for your child.

3. Maya:

This is one of the cute water names for girls. Maya is a perfect name for your little lady. It has an exotic and mystical image to it. Maya has two relevant references. In Hebrew, May It means water. And to the Romans, Maya is an incarnation of the goddess of spring and earth mother. Do not confuse it with Mia as it has an entirely different meaning.

4. Talise:

Talise is a beautiful name of Native American origin. The meaning of Talise is ‘lovely water’. Tali will make the best nickname for Talise. The meaning of Tali is ‘dew’. Another popular variation of Talise is Tallis. So you have plenty of options in your kitty.

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5. Laguna:

Here is one of the alluring baby names meaning water. The name itself describes a water body separated by a coral reef. Laguna is a trendsetting name. So hop on this one.

Top 5 Boy Names Meaning Water:

1. Calder:

Calder is a traditional Welsh name meaning ‘stony water’ or ‘rocky water’. This name will appeal to parents looking for trendy names. Did you know that Calder is the highest trophy for hockey in Whales? Isn’t that cool!

2. Conway:

The name Conway has a spiritual tie to it as it means ‘holy water’ in Welsh. Also, the name is yet to break into the mainstream baby name list. So you must get this one while it is uncommon.

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3. Dover:

This moniker has plenty of references. It is the Welsh for ‘water’. Dover is also a town in Massachusetts. Besides, Dover is a British seaport on the English Channel. The name has risen in popularity over the years, ranking 305 on the Social Security Administration’s list.

4. Trent:

The name Trent means ‘gushing water’ in Latin language. It is also the name of a river in England. According to the Social Security Administration, Trent ranked 440 in 2014’s name list. So it is not a familiar name. Pick this name for your baby before it becomes commonplace.

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5. Hurley:

Hurley is an old Irish name meaning ‘sea tide’. This is one of the water names for boys, that has been gaining popularity off late. Hurley is famous as both given name and surname. Elizabeth Hurley is its most popular bearer.

Hope you liked our list of water inspired baby names. Would you consider a water inspired name for your munchkin? If yes, then which one did you like the most? Comment your pick below.

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