Top 20 Rock And Roll Names For Your Baby

Rock And Roll Names

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Are you passionate about rock and roll? Do you love some AC DC or some Guns N Roses? Do you want to share your passion with your little one as well? Why don’t you give your baby a rock and roll name?

People take inspiration for baby names from many places. Some take inspiration from the literature, some look up to the names of their favorite movie stars or directors while some take inspiration from nature. What about people who are passionate about music? They look up to their favorite music artist.

Here is a list of baby names inspired by rocking singers, bands, and songs. These rock and roll baby names will get you grooving in no time. Have a look!

Top 10 Rock And Roll Baby Boy Names:

1. Lee:

Lee appears mostly as a middle name or surname, but has an appealing simplicity as a first name as well. The name has several great namesakes, including songwriter and singer Lee Hazelwood.

2. Maxwell:

The name is inspired by one of the most popular songs by Beetles “Maxwell’s Si

lver Hammer”.

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3. Eddie:

If you are a fan of the great Eddie Vedder or you simply love Pearl Jam, then you can name your son Eddie.

4. Smith:

Smith is one of the simple and straightforward rock and roll boy names. This fresh and simple name is an excellent option if you love The Smiths.

5. Seamus:

Seamus is the name of a Pink Floyd’s song and we think that it will make an incredible name for a boy. But you have to take care of its pronunciation. Its correct pronunciation is “Shay-mus”.

6. Otis:

Otis Redding is one of the most famous singers of all time. His version of “My Girl” is just fantastic. This is one of the unique rock n roll boy names that it is unlikely that your kid will run into children of the same name.

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7. Henry:

The name Henry has become very popular in the recent years, all thanks to “Oh Henry” by the famous band The Civil Wars.

8. Bowie:

David Bowie, born David Jones, is the glam rock king. His stage name Bowie is a tribute to the knife namesake and frontiersman Jim Bowie.

9. Cash:

Most of you would know which music legend we are referring to with this name. In case you missed the Man in black, Johny Cash reference, name your boy cash. It’s a cool name with a bit of country twang to it.

10. Hendrix:

Although the name Hendrix may refer to a rock legend, is still versatile enough for a kid. The ‘x’ ending adds a zing to it.

Top 10 Rock And Roll Baby Girl Names:

1. Loretta:

Loretta is one old-fashioned name that once seemed boring but is now attaining popularity for little girls. The name refers to the great Loretta Lynn, a country singer. Etta will make the best nickname for Loretta.

2. Penny:

If you love the Beetles and want a name beyond Julia and Lucy, then you can go for Penny. Penny is a sweet and simple name that will never go out of fashion.

3. Fiona:

Fiona is one of our favorite rock and roll boy names. Fiona Apple’s music has shaped every person’s early teen years.

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4. Jett:

The last name of Joan, the queen of the jukebox has an undeniable panache to it. Your little girl will rock this name all the way from preschool to graduate school.

5. Meg:

Are you looking for a name that has ties to a strong woman? Then Meg would be worth considering. Meg White is the drummer of the band “The White Stripes”.

6. Stevie:

Stevie is the name of Silver Springs’s lead singer. Her name derives from the Latin word Stephanos, which means crown.

7. Patti:

The name Patti is an example of the trend of using the last name as a first name. Patti is the name of a famous female rocker.

8. Janis:

Janis Joplin is another popular female rocker. Her name means ‘a gift from God’.

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9. Florence:

This is one of the common rock and roll girl names. Florence is a name that we have all heard, but do you know anyone of this name? Florence Welch is an English songwriter, singer, and musician.

10. Lita:

Lita is the lead guitarist of the punk band The Runaways. The name has a retro flair to it. Don’t you think so? And it is unique, so you won’t hear it that often.

How did you like our collection of rock and roll baby names? We did have to miss many names? Do you have any other rock n roll baby names that you would like us to add to the list? Tell us below.

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