Top 10 Captain Jack Sparrow Coloring Pages For Toddlers

Happy JackJack Sparrow With The Treasure ChestJack Using His SpyglassJack With BlackbeardJack With Davy JonesJack With Elizabeth SwanJack With Will TurnerSparrow With GibbsDuel With James NorringtonThe-Jack Sparrow

Is your child a fan of the cult film series “Pirates of Caribbean”? Is Jack Sparrow his favorite character from the movie? Are you looking for some free printable captain jack sparrow coloring pages? If you said yes, then you have stumbled onto the right place.

Jack Sparrow is the protagonist of the film “Pirates of Caribbean. In the movie, Johnny Depp brought the character to life. Sparrow’s first love is the sea and the second love is the Black Pearl, his beloved ship. He embarks on grand and thrilling adventures in every film. Today, we have come up with 10 of the best Jack Sparrow coloring sheets.

1. Jack Sparrow:

Here is a coloring image of Jack Sparrow, the most popular pirate of all time. Sparrow is one of the Nine Lords of the Brethren Court, the Pirate Lords of the Seven Seas. Jack Sparrow is not like a conventional hero. He survives the difficult situations using his wit, rather than force. He prefers fleeing dangerous situations and fights only when necessary.

2. Sparrow With Gibbs:

The coloring sheet shows Sparrow with his friend, philosopher and guide- Joshamee Gibbs. Gibbs was the Royal Navy warrant officer who carried Elizabeth Swan from England to Caribbean sea. He later went on to become one of the pirates and the right hand of Sparrow.

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3. Jack Sparrow With The Treasure Chest:

The coloring image shows Jack with a treasure chest. What could be in this chest? Let us tell you! The treasure chest you see here is the Treasure of Cortes. It is cursed treasure consisting of 880 identical pieces of the Aztec God. Anyone would regret finding the treasure chest.

4. Jack With Davy Jones:

The coloring sheet shows Davy Jones terrifying Jack Sparrow. Given Jones appearance, anyone would feel scared. Davy Jones is the primary antagonist of the “Pirates of the Caribbean”. He is the supernatural sailor bearing octopus tentacle beard. Davy Jones lost one of his tentacles during his duel with Jack Sparrow.

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5. Jack With Will Turner:

Here is one of the interesting captain jack sparrow colouring pages, showing Will Turner threatening Jack Sparrow with his sword. Jack and Will share a very strange relation. But the noteworthy thing is that although they betray one another, they ultimately became friends. Will Turner also saves Jack from his execution by freeing him from the prison.

6. Happy Jack:

Sparrow looks jubilant here. It seems that he finally got hold of the Black Pearl, his beloved ship. The fine details in the coloring sheet will improve your child’s fine motor skills. If you have an older child, ask him to use watercolors for this image. It will produce stunning results.

7. Jack With Elizabeth Swan:

The diagram shows Jack Sparrow with Elizabeth Swan. Sparrow and Swan shared a love-hate relationship. She handcuffs Jack Sparrow to the Black Pearl to give her time to escape from Kraken, the sea monster. But she feels guilty about leaving Jack behind. She even feels attracted to Jack Sparrow during the search of the Dead Man’s Chest.

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8. Jack Using His Spyglass:

What is Jack trying to look through his spyglass? Can your child guess it? Spyglass, fondly nicknamed “bring ‘em closer” is an object Jack Sparrow uses to spot ships in the distance. It is a telescope in a cylindrical casing and lens that magnify the images. Now that’s one cool object.

9. Jack With Blackbeard:

The coloring sheet shows Jack with Black Beard. Black Beard is a notorious pirate of the Caribbean. He has an intimidating and cruel nature that scares his enemies. It seems that both Sparrow and Blackbeard are in some problem.

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10.Duel With James Norrington:

The coloring sheet shows Jack, Turner and Swan in a duel with James Norrington. James Norrington is the archenemy of Jack Sparrow. He is an officer of the British Royal Army. Can your child recall the result of the duel?

These free printable captain jack sparrow coloring pages will make an excellent addition if you are holding a pirate themed birthday party. Ask all your little guests to come dressed as a pirate with a bandana and eye patch. Then make them color these diagrams. Reward the child who colors it best. And do not forget to share their work with us here.

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