15 Most Romantic Baby Boy Names Of All Time

Romantic Baby Boy Names

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Was your baby born on the Valentine’s Day? Or were you engaged or married on the day? Do you want to give your child a name that encapsulates your love? If you nodded along excitedly, you might want to read our post.

There has been a sudden surge in popularity in the use of romantic names for boys. Classical, romantic names are elaborately masculine in the most traditional sense. These most romantic boy names conjure up the image of the romantic era- whether it is from the ancient Roman or Greek mythology or the old Hollywood movies.

So to honor Valentine’s Day, here is our compilation of 15 of the most romantic baby boy names of all time. Have a look at some of our suggestions for your little cupid.

1. Caspian:

Caspian is a romantic and heroic name for a little boy. The name has shot up in popularity recently and is here to stay.

2. Romeo:

The name Romeo is an epitome of romance. Our romantic name round-up would be complete without mentioning this classic protagonist o

f Shakespeare’s play.

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3. Orion:

Orion is a strong Romantic name with roots in Greek mythology. The name also has celestial ties. ‘Orion’ is one of the brightest constellations in the sky. Isn’t that romantic!

4. Humphrey:

If you have watched the film ‘Casablanca’, then you will know why this name makes our list. We feel that the name has a classically romantic sound to it.

5. Darcy:

What can we say about this name? Darcy is the most famous Jane Austen’s character and a childhood heartthrob of several girls. Combined with a rhythm, Darcy makes a romantic choice.

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6. Apollo:

The name Apollo, just as Orion, has a romantic quality to it. Apollo was the Greek God of poetry and music.

7. Lancelot:

Lancelot is certainly one romantic name. It has ‘romance novel’ vibe to it. Sir Lancelot was the seductive knight from the King Arthur Legend.

8. Lorenzo:

Don’t you think the name Lorenzo has an Italian lover feel to it? You can also consider Renzo, Enzo, and Angelo. They sound equally romantic.

9. Rhett:

Rhett was the lead in Margaret Mitchell’s record-breaking novel “Gone with the Wind”. The name Rhett is a surname derived from the Dutch name de Raedt. The name stands for advice or counseling.

10. Eros:

Eros would be an ideal romantic name for your little prince. The name perfectly describes what a romantic baby boy name should be. Eros was the impish God of love and the son of Goddess Aphrodite.

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11. Valentino:

This Latin name is not just romantic, but also has an alluring sound to it. The name comes from the term Valentinus and is a variant of the name Valentines. Valentino Rossi is currently the most famous bearer of this name.

12. Jack:

The love dove from Titanic can never grow old when it comes to love. Jack was once a jargon for ‘man’ in Europe and still hold the 3rd position on English baby name charts.

13. Athens:

Have you ever considered naming your baby after a romantic destination? You can give it a shot now. Athens is the love capital of Greece. This oh-so poetic name has a romantic imagery to it.

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14. Delmont:

French names are renowned for being romantic, yet masculine. Delmont is a heavenly romantic name dripping in masculinity. It means ‘of the mountain’.

15. Byron:

Of all the currently popular baby names, Byrn may be just the most romantic one. It is also the name of famous English poet, Lord Byron. The name means ‘at the cow shed’.

We have picked these 15 romantic baby boy names because of their use in romance novels, films, literature, and, of course, their originality. We’re sure you will find a perfect name for your little prince from our list. Which one did you like the most? Tell us below. Leave a comment.

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