101 Best Sweet & Cute Names With Meanings For Your Baby

Baby Names

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Have you ever been trusted with an immensely important task? Well, I am laid with the onerous task of finding the top 101 cute baby names! Just imagining how many people will read this and probably follow the given advice and name their children from among this list is overwhelming! As I wonder where and how to begin, a thought strikes me!

Choosing cute and sweet baby names task is no small feat! I almost had a case of writer’s block as I sat staring at the computer screen. And then I recalled my days of trying to find the perfect name for my forthcoming child. Now, I had been prudent enough to maintain this secret list for the past decade where I would jot down any name that I liked. So when my time actually came, I had a list of around 20 beautiful names ready to be chosen from.

However, there was a teeny problem; my husband actually had some ideas of his own! And so the battle started. Every day till we chose the final name, we fought, nagged, bickered and argued with

each other. Every night we would try to settle things by coming down to a compromise and then the next day would dawn just the same! I remember being so frustrated! After all that hankering, we finally settled on a name and had a beautiful boy.

To avoid more fighting, we got him officially and legally named as soon as the cord was cut! Phew! The funny thing is that Daiwik Avaneesh aka Vihaan (!!) doesn’t even know his official name yet! He’s too busy growing up. The funniest thing is that we call him by a thousand other nicknames that change every day and not once have we called him by the name we fought tooth and nail over! Here, I shall pick up my train of thought and turn it to you who are now going through the same name issues as us and leave you with the wisdom of parenthood!

Why all the Fuss, It’s Just a Name!

When a baby arrives into the world, probably the first thing it parents gift it-is its name. It is the name that is our identity-something that defines us. Names also tend to have an immense impression on our self-esteem and social identity- they are how people know us, recognize us and remember us. Our name heralds our character, nature and personality. It is an immediate beacon of recognition for us our entire lives. So, for all these reasons, No, it’s not just a name!

Tips For Choosing The Perfect and Cute Baby Names

My heart tells me that there are millions of new and expecting parents who are, at this moment, bickering, hankering and bargaining over their baby’s name. So, how do they resolve this meaningless conflict? Here’s what my husband and I did to name our first born-

1. Compile and Compare Lists:

I’m sure all of you new and expecting parents have some names in mind that you feel really good about. Share those names! Make a list-yes, a written list, and compare and mull over these names. It really helps.

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2. Say it Out Loud:

Once you’ve shortlisted to about 2-3 names, for a few days each use each name when talking about and to your baby. Chances are, you will discard one or two just because they just don’t feel right when spoken aloud. They either sound ridiculous (Sequoia..!) or dull or weird when spoken with an accent (Jayden sounds great in an American accent, but not so cool in an Indian accent!).

3. Get the Family Help:

Use this one only when you have a deadlock between just two names. Have a talk with some trusted and close family members and reveal these names to them and weigh your options. Their first reaction will help you seal the deal easily.

4. Pick the One that Makes You Smile:

Above all, your baby’s name should feel right and make you feel glad. When in doubt, go with the one that just feels the perfect name.

5. Middle Names Galore:

If there are two names that seem equally perfect, use one as the middle name. Simple! Both partners feel appeased and your baby has an extra special name.

6. Think of Adulthood:

Believe it or not, your baby is going to be an adult for most of his life. So make sure you don’t give him/her a name that sounds plain silly on an adult. Chinky, Bheem, Jolly and Princess – all these names suit toys or pets; so do your kid a favour and avoid these!

7. Resolve Conflict Smoothly:

If you and your partner are nearly at the verge of getting divorced over the baby’s name (exaggeration of course), here’s how to resolve this. One, you can decide that Mommy gets to name the first child and daddy gets the second one’s name (that’s what we did!). Two, you can make one name official and the other one a nickname. Last, if nothing works, the Mommy says “I’m going through pregnancy and labour – so we stick with my name!” No man on earth can beat that!

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8. Consider the Italics:

Before you name your poor child ‘Akash Suman Sharma’ or something similar, please PLEASE consider the initials! Spare your poor child a lifetime of woe and horror and stick to something more conventional! Trust me, Akash will bless you!

Various Criteria for Choosing A Name:

Ever since the dawn of the internet, choosing a baby name has become a whole lot easier and yet, more difficult at the same time. It’s easier because you can search for names according to so many different criteria, and difficult because of the sheer quantity of choices available at your fingertips! It can be a daunting task indeed. Here are some common criteria based on which you can pick the perfect and the cute baby name for your baby.

1. By Origin:

By far the most common way to pick a baby’s name is by its origin. The internet offers filters that you can pick from. You can choose from a list of African, American, Indian, Welsh, French and even Native American names.

2. By Language:

Again, if you want to bring down the gazillions of choices, you will like this filter. This allows you to only view names in the languages of your choice. English, French, Hindi, Urdu and Greek being examples, there are many other languages to choose from. Most websites also break down languages, even further, like under Indian languages, you can search specifically for Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi or Punjabi names.