Top 10 Watermelon Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love

Watermelon Coloring Page - Boy With WatermelonWatermelon Coloring Page - Cartoon WatermelonWatermelon Coloring Page - Crimson Sweet WatermelonWatermelon Coloring Page - Picnic WatermelonWatermelon Coloring Page - Pocoyo Eating WatermelonWatermelon Coloring Page - Rosita Eating WatermelonWatermelon Coloring Page - W For WatermelonWatermelon Coloring Page - Watermelon At The BeachWatermelon Coloring Page - WatermelonWatermelon Coloring Page - Yellow Watermelon

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Do you want to sprout your child’s interest in gardening? Or do you wish to share some facts about fruits, but in an interesting way? If you are nodding your head in agreement, then you must download our watermelon coloring pages.

Summer is here in its glory, and so are the mouthwatering fruits that come with the season. Watermelon is the most loved fruits of the summer season. It is not just tasty, but also contains all kinds of vitamins and minerals that your child’s body needs for optimum development. Here are ten coloring pages of this delicious fruit, which is a favorite among children of all ages.

10 Best Watermelon Coloring Pages Your Child Would Love:

1. Watermelon:

Here is a fascinating picture of the fruit. There are ove

r hundred varieties of watermelon. But all types of melons are thirst quenching and mouthwatering. Did you know that watermelon is a vegetable and not a fruit?

2. Cartoon Watermelon:

The animated coloring page of watermelon is perfect to showcase your child’s creativity. Allow your child to use the watermelon juice for painting the pulp areas of the fruit. You can also add some gelatin to it. He can use the green marker for coloring the skin. Tell him to glue the watermelon seeds on the page.

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3. Picnic Watermelon:

Here is a tempting picture of a picnic watermelon. Picnic watermelon is one of the larger varieties of the fruit. It can weigh 16 to 45 pounds and is perfect for a large gathering. Your child can also brush up his counting skills by counting the watermelon seeds in this picture.

4. Crimson Sweet Watermelon:

As the name suggests, Crimson Sweet watermelon is famous for its bright, red, sweet taste. Green and red are the most common colors used for watermelons. But your child can use any color he pleases.

5. Yellow Watermelon:

Yellow watermelon is one of the rarest varieties of the juicy fruit. It has a round shape and has two variants – seeded or seedless. A yellow watermelon may look weird but tastes sumptuous. Make sure your child uses yellow for coloring its pulp. For the skin, he can use light or dark shades of green.

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6. Watermelon At The Beach:

What do you think is the most popular fruit during the summers at the beach? Watermelon, of course! The coloring sheet here shows a watermelon enjoying himself at the beach. There is also a wide umbrella to shade him from the harsh rays of the sun. It is very easy to find this tasty fruit in our country any time of the year, and the price is affordable too! What is it like in your country?

7. W For Watermelon:

You can introduce the alphabet W with our W for watermelon coloring sheets. The coloring sheet requires children to trace the letter W and then write it on their own. They can then color the page using their favorite colors.

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8. Rosita Eating Watermelon:

The coloring sheet here shows Rosita savoring her slice of watermelon. Rosita is a turquoise monster from the Sesame Street. She hails from Mexico and is the second bilingual Muppet to appear on the show. You will mostly find Rosita playing her guitar. She is good friends with Elmo, Abby, and Telly.

9. Pocoyo Eating Watermelon:

Here is an adorable coloring sheet of Pocoyo eating watermelons. ‘Pocoyo’ is the hero of a Spanish preschool animated series. He is a four-year-old boy who has a pet duck, dog, and elephant.

10. Boy With Watermelon:

Here is a picture of a young boy slicing a watermelon. Watermelon is a perfect summer dessert. You can enjoy it with your friends and family without any fuss. You just need a sharp knife, and you are good to go. But do not let your child slice the watermelon all by himself.

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Our free printable watermelon coloring pages are perfect for young children. Allow your child to learn more about this fruit as he unleashes his creativity with this coloring activity. Do share his artwork with us here.