Top 15 ‘Eight Letter’ Names For Your Baby

Eight Letter’ Names

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Is the number eight your favorite number and you want to share it with your child? Has your astrologer recommended an eight-letter name for your baby? If yes, then this post may help you select a beautiful and unique eight-lettered name for your little bundle of joy! We have included both male and female names for your convenience. Have a look!

Top 8 Eight Letter Baby Names For Girls:

Here we present you exclusive list of 8 letter girl names Top 8 Eight Letter Names For Baby Girls:

1. Adelaide:

The baby girl name Adelaide has its origin in the French language. It gained prominence through the ‘Good Queen Adelaide’, a British Queen. The meaning of Adelaide is ‘nobility.’

2. Beatrice:

The name Beatrice has a long literary association. Both Dante and Shakespeare’s names have lead heroines of the name Beatrice. Parents these days are also viewing this classic name with fresh eyes. Beatrice means ‘bringer of joy’.

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3. Celestia:

Celestia is a heavenly name that sounds ethereal. It will make a distinctive choice if you are considering feminine names like Seraphina or Angelina. Celestia means heavenly.

4. Isabella:

The name Isabella feels both modern and traditional. It appeals to a wide number of parents. Isabella is a name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘Devoted to God’.

5. Jennifer:

Jennifer is one of the forever pretty sounding names. It means ‘white wave’. Jenny is an appealing nickname for Jennifer.

6. Magnolia:

Magnolia is a floral moniker. It is the name of the flowering shrub. This sweet smelling name earned fame via Edna Ferber’s novel ‘Snowboat’. Mollie and Maggie are cute nicknames for this one.

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7. Penelope:

Penelope is one of the classic names that are leaping up the charts. Instead of the traditional Penney, Nell or Poppy will make excellent nicknames for this one. This stunning Greek name means ‘true image’.

8. Veronica:

The name Veronica is sensuous, saintly and strong, all at the same time. Veronica was the name of the woman who wipes Jesus’ face when he was on his way to Calvary. The cloth miraculously imprinted his image. The meaning of Veronica is ‘weaver’.

Top 7 Eight Letter Baby Names For Boys:

1. Abdullah:

Abdullah is one of the most favorite Islamic names. It is the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s father. The name Abdullah is perfect if you are looking for a traditional Arabic name. And don’t worry. The name Abdullah will never fade out.

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2. Augustus:

This is one of the popular 8 letter baby names. The name Augustus will surely make a strong statement. It originated from a title given by a Roman Senate to the first Roman Emperor, Octavian, Julius Caesar’s son. The variant Augustin is also an excellent option. Augustus means ‘great’.

3. Benedict:

If you like the name Ben, but find it too common, then you can consider Benedict as a possible alternative. Benedict was the name of a saint who formed the Benedictine Order. The meaning of Benedict is ‘blessed’.

4. Chandler:

Guess who popularized this name around the globe! Of course, Chandler from the popular sitcom FRIENDS. Chandler is a French occupational name of a candle maker.

5. Emmanuel:

Emmanuel with double ‘m’ was very popular with the early Jewish immigrants. The name is now in its full glory. The meaning of Emmanuel is ‘God is with us’.

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6. Franklin:

This is one of the interesting 8 letter boy names. The meaning of Franklin is ‘free landholder’. The name Franklin also has literary ties. It was the name of the main character in Wilkie Collins classic novel “The Moonstones”. Have you ever noticed that two of the United States’ Presidents share the name Franklin- Franklin Pierce and Franklin Roosevelt? We bet you didn’t! Frank would make a perfect diminutive for this name.

7. Lawrence:

The name Lawrence has survived the Roman time. The name comes from Laurentium, a city noted for its laurel trees. Lawrence was at its peak from 1890s to the 1950s. The nickname Lauro or Lauri further perks up the name. The meaning of Lawrence is ‘from Laurentium’.

So here is our list of eight letter boy names and girls! Can you suggest us some more lovely eight letter baby names? Please share some by commenting below.

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