50 Best Short Names With Meanings For Your Baby Girl


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Congratulations on having a little baby girl!

Often, parents of a girl child look for short and unique, trendy name for their daughters. As parents, you may want to pick a cute and short name for your little baby– something that’s innovative and creative, and yet easy to pronounce.

Nowadays, when it comes to choosing a name for their beautiful baby girls, parents usually want to go for uncommon names rather than selecting a common one. They don’t opt for selecting long names as they are usually shortened by nicknames and they don’t want to spoil the name of the child especially when it’s a girl. Selecting an appropriate name for a girl child is a great responsibility. The first name of a girl matters the most.

Picking a Name – Why is it so Important?

Names play a very important role in setting the identity of a person. In each and every religion’s name plays an important role. Every religion is associated with various traditions when selecting a name of their child. The

name is what defines your little baby.

Parents need to understand that a name if appropriately selected defines the child’s perceptions of a potential attractiveness or intelligence. Research has shown names do influence people and do set certain expectations in life.

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Choosing the Best Short Baby Girl Names

There has to be a systematic approach while selecting a name for a child. These approaches help in possessing an appropriate short name for girls. Selecting an appropriate name is a tiring task indeed, but to make it interesting we have listed out some ways, here they are:

  • Short and unique. It saves the child from embarrassing nicknames.
  • One of the most significant keys is sound and compatibility. It should not directly rhyme with your last name.
  • The name must be easy to pronounce so that it’s easier for people to spell and write. Short names are much easier and simpler than big ones.
  • Heritage and culture are an essential and sometimes dominant part in the selection of names. Family traditions should always be kept in mind.
  • Names should contain special meanings.
  • Most parents search for a popular or celebrity name while selection.
  • All these approaches are best in selecting a suitable and short name for a girl child.

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Top 50 Short Names For Girls

Here is a list of 50 appropriate short girl names along with their meanings to choose from:

Aagam- Arrival or coming
Ahana- One who exists
Akhila- One who is complete
Akuti – Princess
Ansuya -Learned Woman
Anushka- A Term of Endearment-
Binita- Modest
Bhavi- Emotional
Charu – Attractive or Beautiful
Chhavi- Image or Radiance
Chetna – Power of intellect or one who is very alert
Deva- Celestial Spirit
Dhriti-Courage or Morale
Drihsti-Sight or something seen
Eta – Luminous
Eesha- Filled with Purity or Name of Goddess Parvati
Falguni – Gorgeous or Beautiful
Gargi – Learned Woman
Gulika – A Pearl
Giva – A Hill
Hemlata- Golden Creeper
Huma – Bird of Paradise
Ipsita- Desire or Ambition
Inas – Sociability or Capable
Jagati – Bestowed with speed
Jarul – Flower Queen
Jiya – Sweet Heart
Jigna – Intellectual Curiosity
Kamya- Capable
Kavni – A small Poem
Karul- Innocent
Leela – Devine Drama
Lipika – Letters or Alphabets
Mahiya- Joy or Happiness
Maliha- Strong or Beautiful
Manya- Worthy of Honor
Nalini – Sweet Nectar or Lotus
Nishi – Getting Stronger
Niyati – Destiny
Oni – Shelter
Ojal- Splendor
Preshti – Ray of Light
Ragi- Loving
Ramola- One who takes interest in everything
Sofia – Wise or Noble
Thumri – Light Classical Melody
Thaman- Slender or Increment
Udvita- River filled with Lotus Flower
Udichi- ne who grows with Prosperity
Yuktha- Bounded with Goddess Lakshmi Charms

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Always remember, a name is a first gift you and your spouse present to your daughter. Choose well and adorn your little princess with a good and meaningful name. Hope our list of short names for girls helps you in your quest.

Do share your views and experiences in the comment section below.
Happy Naming!

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