Top 10 Peaches Coloring Pages For Your Toddler

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Do you want to teach your child about the basics of colors? Are you contemplating using coloring sheets to help him distinguish colors? Then why don’t you download our set of coloring sheets?

Delicious and succulent, the peach is a classic sign of summer. The fruit belongs to the Rosacea family and is available in the warm temperate regions of northern and southern hemispheres. You may know about the nutritional value and history of the fruit, but do you know that there are a thousand varieties of peaches in the world? So today, we will discover a few varieties through our peach coloring pages. And it’s surely going to interest your child.

10 Interesting Peach Coloring Pages:

1. Peach Tree:

Here’s a magnificent coloring page of a peach tree. It is a deciduous tree native to th

e Northwest China. You can see the edible, juicy peach hanging from its branches. A peach tree grows up to four to 10 meters in height and 10 inches in diameter. It needs regular sunshine and water to grow well.

2. A Ripe Peach:

Here’s a beautiful peach coloring page of ripened one. The flesh of the peach may be white, red or yellow, depending on the cultivar. The skin of most kinds of peaches is fuzzy. Peaches with smooth skins are nectarines. Your little artist can use any color he wishes for this peach, but we think red or yellow would look the best.

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3. White Flesh Peach:

The peach pair you see here hanging on the branch is a white fleshed peach. White flesh peaches are popular in the United States and Asia. These types of peaches taste sweet and are low in acidity levels. The white flesh peaches have a smoother texture than the yellow-fleshed peaches.

4. Clingstone Peach:

The coloring page features a pair of clingstone peaches. The Clingstone peaches have flesh that clings to their pits, hence the name. These peaches are softer, juicier and sweeter than most of the varieties of peaches. The Clingstone peaches are ideal for preserving and canning. And they are great for baking too.

5. Yellow Fleshed Peach:

Here is a cartoon image of a pair of yellow-fleshed peaches rolling down the field. We feel that the farmer dropped these two yellow-fleshed peaches by mistake. The yellow-fleshed peaches are familiar in the United States. They have a strong acidic tang than the white-fleshed peaches. Yellow fleshed peaches are yellow and mauve in color.

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6. Freestone Peach:

Here’s another simple peach coloring page for your preschooler. The peach you see here is Freestone peach. The flesh of the freestone peach does not stick to its pit. Freestone peaches are larger than clingstone peaches but less juicy. The variety of peach preserves well.

7. Donut Peach:

The coloring sheet features the realistic images of donut peaches. The donut peaches belong to the heirloom variety of peach. They are white-fleshed, flat and low in acid content. Donut peaches are widely available during July and August.

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8. Semi-Freestone Peach:

The peach you see here is a semi-freestone peach. The semi-freestone peach is a hybrid of freestone and clingstone peaches. The peach attempts to combine the juiciness and sweetness of clingstone peach and smooth pitting properties of freestone peach.

9. Arctic Supreme:

Here is a neat coloring sheet of an Arctic Supreme peach. The Arctic Supreme is a large peach with a red and yellow skin. It has a white flesh and is delicious. Some also consider Arctic Supreme as one of the best varieties of peaches.

10. Bonanza II:

Bonanza is another large peach with and attractive yellow and red skin. It has a dark orange to yellow flesh. The Bonanza II peaches are highly aromatic. Its aroma will refresh your senses. The variety of peach is available from July to September.

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We hope your child enjoyed learning about the different varieties of peaches through these coloring pages. Let your darling’s imagination go wild with these coloring pages. Which of these peaches coloring pages did your child enjoy coloring the most? Tell us below.