Top 10 Eggplant (Brinjal) Coloring Pages For Toddlers

Eggplant Coloring Page - Black BellEggplant Coloring Page - Chinese EggplantEggplant Coloring Page - Cool EggplantEggplant Coloring Page - Indian EggplantEggplant Coloring Page - Italian EggplantEggplant Coloring Page - Mr. EggplantEggplant Coloring Page - Sicilian EggplantEggplant Coloring Page - Thai EggplantEggplant Coloring Page - White EggplantEggplant Coloring Page - E For Eggplant

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Are you looking for some eggplant coloring pages for your child’s school project? Or does your child hate eating eggplants and you’re looking for ways to make him like them? Well, then giving your child eggplant coloring pages would be a good idea.

The eggplant is a vegetable belonging to the Solanaceae or the ‘nightshade’ family. They are native to India, where they grow perennially. Eggplants can be long and thin as a zucchini, oblong and large in shape or round and small as an egg. The skin color of the eggplant may range from green to white to dark purple.

We are familiar with the oval and dark purple variety of eggplant, but there are a plethora of eggplant varieties available. Here are ten coloring pages of different types of eggplant

s along with some interesting facts. Check them out!

1. E For Eggplant:

Turn coloring session into a fun learning moment with our E for Eggplant coloring page. Your child can practice the E sound while he colors. We would suggest you choose different colors for all the eggplants. Pink, orange, green and purple would look best.

2. Cool Eggplant:

How cool does this eggplant look wearing sports shoes? Have your child give him some color to make it look stylish. You can also hang the coloring page on your refrigerator. It is an excellent way to showcase your child’s talent.

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3. Black Bell:

Here’s a black bell eggplant coloring sheet for your child to color. Black Bell is the most common variety of eggplants found in the world. Black Bell eggplants have a long, elongated shape with a green calyx. Its skin is dark purple in color.

4. Italian Eggplant:

Here’s a cartoon image of an Italian eggplant. It is a dark purple eggplant with white streaks. It is small and has an oval shape. Italian eggplants also have a green calyx. They have a sweet and delicate flavor, perfect for making dips.

5. Sicilian Eggplant:

The Sicilian eggplant is another favorite type of eggplant. This variety of eggplant is small and has a wide base. The Sicilian eggplant is light purple in colors and has white streaks. It is also called Graffiti or Zebra eggplant.

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6. Indian Eggplant:

Here is one of the cute Indian brinjal coloring pages. Indian eggplants are smaller than other varieties. Like most types of eggplants, Indian eggplants also have a smooth, dark purple color skin and a green calyx.

7. Mr. Eggplant:

Where is this happy go lucky eggplant going? We think he is going to meet his friends. And he looks jubilant. Have your child grab some crayons and give him some happy colors. Your child does not need to stick to purple or green for coloring this eggplant. He can use any color he wants.

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8. White Eggplant:

The white eggplant looks exquisite. It is small and white in color and looks like eggs hanging from the plant. White eggplants have a tough skin and creamy flesh. The leaves of the eggplant can be poisonous, but the fruit is delicious. The raw fruit has a bitter taste but develops a rich and complex flavor when cooked.

9. Thai Eggplant:

Thai eggplants look different from normal eggplants. These eggplants are slightly plump. The Thai eggplant is much bitterer than the American eggplants. Thai eggplants are available in a variety of colors but are typically green with white stripes.

10. Chinese Eggplant:

Here’s a coloring image of a Chinese eggplant. Chinese eggplants have a long and cylindrical shape. Unlike the regular eggplants, Chinese eggplants have a green calyx. These eggplants are sweeter in taste and tenderer than a typical American eggplant.

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So sit down with your little gardener and color all of these eggplant coloring pages. You can also plant eggplants in your garden. Trust us! It’s not as difficult as it may seem.