50 Best Short Names With Meanings For Your Baby Boy


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Congratulations! It’s a baby boy!

As parents, it is very important for you to select a good name for your little kid. You may want your kid’s name to be unique, unusual and offbeat. Most parents often prefer to choose longer names than short ones, not often realizing that it offers a slew of nickname options. Long and difficult names sometime lead to wrong pronunciations as well.

Parents need to understand the latest trends and the requirement of a short yet meaningful name for their little prince. We present to you a comprehensive article on why it is important to choose a short name for boys followed by a collection of names for your sweet little bundle of joy.

Choosing a Name- Why is it so Important?

The name is considered to be the parent’s first gift to their child. This makes the selection of a suitable name more important. You need to be sure that the name you pick for your little baby boy is what should represent him while he is growing up. The name is believed t

o shape the personality and style of your baby. So it is important to contain a calm and composed attitude when it comes to choosing a name for the new member of your family.

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There are some basic features which may help you to select the perfect name for your child. They are as follows:

  • Deciding on the fact whether one wants a unique, popular or traditional name for your son.
  • Bring your personal history and tradition into consideration before choosing your baby’s name.
  • Consider the names which you like or honor for their special meanings or some other qualities.
  • You can choose a name inspired by your religious beliefs, epics or various cultural inclinations.
  • Select a name which is easy to pronounce and matches well with the surname.

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Collection of Short Baby Names for Boys:

Here is our assortment of fifty names with their meanings for you to choose the best short names for boys:

  1. Avi– The sun and the air
  2. Ajay – Unconquerable
  3. Ansh– Piece of something
  4. Ashna-voracious
  5. Arav – Peaceful
  6. Bir– Courage
  7. Barun– Lord of Sea
  8. Dhruv –Stable
  9. Dvij– Born twice
  10. Eha – Name of Lord Vishnu
  11. Harshit– Cheerful
  12. Hem – Gold
  13. Jaq– Emperor
  14. Kairav– White lotus
  15. Kirit– Crown
  16. Lekh – Document
  17. Mahit– Honourable
  18. Manan– To Think
  19. Niv– Base
  20. Nalin– Lotus
  21. Naman – To salute
  22. Nihar-Dew
  23. Niley – Heaven
  24. Ohm – Creation
  25. Ohas– To praise somebody
  26. Oojam – Enthusiasm
  27. Palin– Protective
  28. Palash– Tree or a kind of flower which is green in color
  29. Pachai – Someone who is youthful or resourceful
  30. Pathik – One who is a traveler
  31. Parag– Pollen grains
  32. Pinak– One who is a bow of god name shiva
  33. Saabir– Patient
  34. Sabal – With Strength
  35. Saahir – Helper or Helpful in Nature
  36. Sachdev – Genuinely Godly or True God
  37. Talank– Name of a god Shiva
  38. Talish– Lord of the Earth
  39. Tapesh –The holy trinity
  40. Tanay– Of the family
  41. Taksha– King of Bharat’s Son
  42. Tushar– Fine Drops of water
  43. Turag – A thought
  44. Udant – Correct Message
  45. Unmesh – Eternal Happiness or Joy
  46. Vadin– Known Lecturer
  47. Vagish– Name of a God Brahma
  48. Vairaj– Spiritual Glory
  49. Yash– Victory or Glory
  50. Zohar – Intelligent or Brilliant

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Always remember that people around you will suggest several naming options, but to choose the right one must be you and your partner’s decision. Choose the best and gift your son his first gift!

Hope you liked our post on the best short names for boys. Do share your comments below.

Happy Naming!

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