10 Best Orange Coloring Pages For Toddlers

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Does your child enjoy painting different fruits and vegetables? Are oranges one of his favorite fruits? Are you looking for some orange coloring pages? Well, then this post is just for you.

Orange is a fruit of the citrus species belonging to the Rutaceae family. With its fragrant flowers and dark green leaves, orange is among the most beautiful of plants. Here is our list of ten beautiful oranges coloring sheets. Our oranges coloring sheets will help your child learn about color combinations while studying about different its varieties.

Top 10 Orange Coloring Pages:

1. Orange Tree:

Do you know how an orange tree looks like? If not, then you must refer to this coloring sheet. The coloring sheet features a majestic orange tree. Ask your child to count the number of oranges in this

tree. The coloring sheet will help your child practice counting and coloring, both at the same time.

2. O For Orange:

Help your child practice writing alphabets with O for Orange coloring sheet. It is possible that he already knows the name of the fruit, but may not remember how to write it yet. So the coloring sheet will give him the perfect opportunity to learn how to spell ’orange’.

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3. Orange Blossom:

The orange coloring sheet features the fruit along with its flower, the orange blossom. Orange blossom is the fragrant flower of the orange tree. The flower symbolizes good fortune and is often a part of bridal bouquets and head wreaths of weddings. The essence of the orange flower has an extensive use in perfumery and aromatherapy. Orange Blossom is also Florida’s state flower.

4. Tangerine:

Tangerine is one of the popular types of mandarin oranges. It is one of the easiest to cultivate among oranges. You can also grow a tangerine in a pot. Tangerine has loose skin that comes off quickly and the delicious segments within it make a sweet treat. It can also withstand cold temperatures better than the most of the types of oranges.

5. Navel Orange:

Here is a coloring diagram of a navel orange. The navel orange is a common variety of orange sold at the grocery stores. The blossom end of the orange resembles human navel, hence the name. These sweet oranges are bright orange in color.

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6. Satsuma:

Satsuma is a seedless variety of oranges. The name of the orange originates from the former Satsuma province in Japan. The orange is rich in flavor. It has easy to peel skin and oh-so- sweet and juicy segments.

7. Orange Doing Cha Cha Cha:

Your young one will be delighted to see this orange grooving to the music. Give this super fun orange a bright yellow color. The color is perfect for this happy-go-lucky orange. You can also tell him to make a few musical notes in the background.

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8. Mandarin:

Here is a Mandarin orange coloring page. The mandarin oranges originate from Southern China and spread throughout Asia in the 10th century and Europe in the 18th century. Children can use whichever color they love for this Mandarin, but we think orange would be a good pick.

9. Orange Juice:

Nothing screams summer more than orange juice. Help the littlest member of your house get familiar with summer and its specialty with the orange juice coloring page. We’re sure the coloring sheet will tempt your fussy eater to drink his daily serving of orange juice. While your little darling is coloring, how a glass of orange juice can make him strong and healthy.

10. Orange In A Fruit Bowl:

Encourage your child’s inner Picasso by having him color this beautiful fruit bowl. Tell your child to use colors like oranges, reds and yellow to create a bright work of art. What is your child’s favorite fruit from this coloring page? Tell him to spell his favorite fruit’s name.

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Our oranges coloring pages are not just educational, but also fun. Let your child color these diagrams with the color of his choice. You do not need to instruct them to color all the pictures orange. Which of our oranges coloring page did your child like decorating the most?