14 Quick and Nutritious Snacks For Your Toddlers

quick and nutritious snacks

A child is most active during toddler years, exploring new things! This may leave you wondering if your toddler is getting enough food, as they don’t eat a lot in one sitting. As nutrition plays an important role from childhood itself. It acts as a foundation for your toddler’s health.

It is difficult for your toddler’s tiny tummy to take a large portion of food at times. Instead, let your tot enjoy every meal with play. Being a mother, you should be smart enough to offer your toddler such foods that attract them.

Top 14 Nutritional Snacks For Toddlers:

Hearing the word” Snacks”, the very first thing that will strike in your minds is that they are “unhealthy” or “food which does not provide any nutrition”. However, in actual sense, snacks are a part of a day’s meal which provide 1/4th nutrition to your toddler. You can plan your tot’s daily meal with healthy nutritional snacks to keep him active all day long.

  • You can plan for 5-6 mini meals instead of 3 big meals a day.
  • Aim for a snack every 2-3 hours to re-energize your toddler and to keep his/her tiny tummy full.
  • Your day meal breakdown should be- 3 main meals a day followed by healthy snacks during the intervals.

Your healthy snack should be a bonus to the nutrient, which your tot has missed during the meal. For instance, if your tot’s meal has covered carbohydrate and fat during lunchtime, add a dash of protein rich food during the snack. Here we help you out with some healthy snack ideas for toddlers that will attract them towards food.

1. Cheese:


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This protein rich food is all time favorite for toddlers.

  • It helps to keep energy levels high of your tot all day long.
  • You can make it more attractive by cutting it in fun shapes.
  • Combine it with your tot’s favorite fruit.

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2. Healthier Baked Goods:

healthier baked goods

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Your child will never guess what is behind the pretty looking cake or yummy muffins.

  • Banana bread, carrot bars and zucchini muffins, can be a few favorites for your child.
  • Also choose yam and jam muffins that have rich amounts of potassium and beta-carotene.
  • Sweet potatoes are another good choice.

3. Whole Grain Cereal:

whole grain cereal

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Give your tot a power boosting breakfast to give a healthy start to the day.

  • A bowl of whole grain cereal will fuel your tot with calcium, vitamins and fiber.
  • Whole grain cereal coupled with yogurt or milk makes it a delicious meal.
  • You can also top them up with fruits like strawberries for an added flavor.

4. Yogurt:


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Yogurt is a healthy choice.

  • Yogurt is nutrient rich and is a good source of calcium essential for your toddler.
  • Use low fat yogurt as a dressing and your child will love to see it frozen mixed with berries and fruits.
  • You can also go for a homemade ice cream to make a healthy treat any time a day.

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5. Eggs:


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Toddlers constantly lay down new muscle tissue as they grow. Hence, it is important for them to get their share of high quality protein.

  • One egg provides your tot with almost one third of the protein requirement per day. Both the white and yolk are rich in nutrients.
  • You can provide these eggs in innovative ways like adding scrambled egg in rice or by stuffing it in a tortilla.

6. Noodles:


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Noodles are considered to be a healthy food for your child.

  • Noodles provide ample of carbohydrates, protein and fiber to your little champion.
  • It is a quick snack item your child loves to have.
  • It just requires little boiling or microwaving along with chicken and some of your tiny tot’s favorite veggies and sauces.