10 Best Pre-Play Schools In New Delhi For Your Kid


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Pre schooling plays a pivotal role in your child’s life. It is especially important in preparing your child emotionally, mentally, socially and physically for primary education. Over the past few years, pre-schooling has become a necessity to secure primary school admissions. Although you will be bombarded with numerous billboards across the city, with pre-schools claiming to be the best, choosing one that works for your child is not an easy task.

Top 10 Pre-Play Schools In Delhi:

Are you looking out for the best play school in Delhi for your precious one? Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best play schools in Delhi. Please note that the schools are listed in random order and the order does not indicate preference or popularity.

1. The Magic Years (Vasant Vihar):

  • Website: www.themagicalyears.in
  • Phone : 011-26140317
  • Email : magicyears@airtelmail.in
  • Established in 1985
  • The preschool holds around 200 children from over 18 countries.

The Pre-school offers:

  • A teaching methodology based on Montessori, Play Way and Reggio Emilia.
  • Teacher-student ratio of 2:20
  • Admission for children between 1.6 years to 6 years of age.
  • Nutritious snacks and drinking water included.
  • Active Parental involvement
  • Teaching staffs who are trained at the ‘Bhupathi Nike Tennis’ Village Bangalore.
  • A sports centre that operates five days a week.
  • Facilities such as child-friendly furniture, outdoor area and sports equipment.

2. Step By Step Nursery School (Panchsheel):

  • Website: www.stepbystepnurseryschool.com
  • Phone : 011-26494130
  • Email : info@stepbystepnurseryschool.com
  • Established in 1992
  • Currently accommodates over 450 students and 50 faculty and staff

The Pre School offers:

  • A teaching methodology based on Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Play Way.
  • Admission for children between 1.9 years to 4.5 years old.
  • Helps nurture the social, intellectual emotional and spiritual development of children.
  • Active parental involvement.
  • A Learning Center designed to cater to the needs of special children with a team of qualified professionals. It can accommodate 60 children.
  • A wooden building hosts a few classrooms and an activity centre comprising doll house, music room, etc.
  • A large garden, a swimming pool etc.

3. Kangaroo Kids:

  • Website : www.kkel.com
  • Branches operates from Greater Kailash and Vasant Kunj

Greater Kailash

  • Email : delhikk@hotmail.com
  • Phone : 011-29234528

Vasant Kunj

  • Phone : 011-26125423
  • Email : kangarookidsvk@gmail.com
  • Admission register is opened in January every year
  • Child’s name should be registered one year prior to seeking admission
  • Admissions on a first-come-first serve basis

The Pre School offers:

  • A teaching methodology based on Play way, focusing on active and experiential learning.
  • An attractive teacher-student ratio of 2:15.
  • Facilities like big, spacious, air conditioned classrooms, dance, music, toy, AV and art room, outside play area with splash pool, sandpit etc.
  • Transportation facilities available.

4. Aadyant (Vasant Kunj):

  • Website: www.aadyant.com
  • Phone : 09310374746, 011-46031000
  • Email : info@aadyant.com
  • The pre-school boasts of an earthquake resistant infrastructure.

The Preschool offers:

  • A teaching methodology based on a combination of Montessori and activity based learning techniques.
  • Teacher-Student Ratio 1:10.
  • Admission for children between 1 to 6 years old, currently up to class 1 and planning to expand till class 5.
  • Facilities such as outdoor play area with sandpit, skating rink, splash pool, indoor play area, huge airy library, and science and computer labs.
  • Coaching on skating for children above three years, under the guidance of expert.
  • Conducts field trips, outdoor education and community participation.

5. The Learning Tree (Sujan Singh Park):

  • Website : www.learningtreeplayschool.com
  • Phone : +91-9717100852
  • Email : info@learningtreeplayschool.com
  • Established in January 1995.
  • School Timing: 9:30 to 12:30 (Monday to Friday).
  • Register is opened in January every year.
  • Admissions on a first-come-first served basis.
  • Child’s name should be registered one year prior to seeking admission.

The Pre School offers:

  • A teaching methodology based on Montessori, Play Way, Reggio Emilia
  • Admission for children between 2 to 5 years of age
  • A teacher–student ratio of 1:15
  • Unique classrooms sans doors and walls and covered with eco-friendly bamboo roofs.
  • Facilities such as large garden, each class room opens to a lawn, sandpit with a tree house, swings and slides etc.