Top 10 Healthy Habits You Should Teach Your Kids

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Congratulations! You’re a proud parent of a little, naughty one-year old. With each passing day, your child learns and develops his physical and mental skills, and you as a parent, would want to contribute your best to ensure that your child learns and adopts healthy habits from the very beginning.

Well, it’s not that difficult after all. The key point to note is that you, as a parent, don’t just pass down genes to your little baby. In fact, your baby learns a lot from you- and if you yourself stick to a healthy lifestyle, it won’t really be difficult when it comes to helping your baby learn.

The Top 10 Healthy Habits For Kids:

To simplify things, here we’ve prepared 10 most important healthy habits list for kids that need to be inculcated into their daily routine:

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast:

Getting your kid into a regular routine of breakfast-lunch-dinner will help him avoid unnecessary snacking right from the very beginning. This is probably the most crucial and importa

nt stages when it comes to helping your kid adopt healthy eating habits. A nutritious breakfast complete with all food groups will help your kid stay energetic and active throughout the day.

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2. Wash Up!

Hand washing undoubtedly tops the list when it comes to getting your kid into healthy habit- explain the importance of washing hands to your little kid, and also focus on the correct techniques- 20 seconds is a must for children.

3. Toss that Tissue:

With the winter winds blowing in, seasonal cough and cold are bound to step in, and if your little kid has mastered the art of using a tissue, make sure you also get him/her into the habit of disposing the tissues right away. Keep a trash can in your kid’s room.

4. Flush Flush!

Your kid is well past his toilet training sessions. Good! Now make sure you educate him on the importance of flushing his efforts down. This will make him aware of how to use a toilet even if you are not around.

5. Get Out:

It’s the age of iPads and Xboxes, and often, you may find your kid stuck to the television set or his brand new tablet. If that’s the case, encourage your kid to find happiness in outdoor activities. Get him a pet dog and ask him to take him for a walk, or do some hula hoop swirls out in the garden with your little naughty kid.

6. Family Time:

Family time is extremely important, especially for a growing baby. Dinner-time is often the best time where the entire family can sit down to eat and talk. This way, your kid will be less prone to snacking and grabbing the wrong foods, and will also enjoy time with his parents and connect to them better.

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7. Read Every Day:

Dread the bedtime stories your little kid gets all excited about? Several studies have revealed how helping your child read, and reading out to him could help develop strong reading skills and may help your kid succeed in school and work.

8. Bathe!

Every once in a while, your kid may make a lot of fuss about getting into the bathroom and having a bath- it’s always best to have some cute bath bombs, soaps, shampoos and toys handy. The general idea is to make regular activities a fun time for your kid, until he grows older.

9. Ditch the Soda:

It is shocking how younger children today are falling prey to unhealthy eating habits, and several studies have found how soda consumption is on a rise in kids. Make sure your kid sticks to healthy drinks, and preferably water to keep himself hydrated.

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10. Couch Potato:

Drop your kid’s habit of lying down on the couch for too long right in the beginning- couch potatoes are more likely to be overweight and have a higher risk of being affected by developmental problems and may also put in a lower performance at school.

We hope after reading this article on good healthy habits for kids, you probably collected several ideas to inculcate habits in your kid. Following these simple tips may help your kid follow a healthy lifestyle right from his childhood.

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