Top 10 Best Educational Toys For Kids


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Toys are not just for fun, but also double as tools that help children learn about themselves and the world around them.

Do your children love to play? Then through educational kids toys, there are great opportunities for you to offer them “edutainment” – education + entertainment!

Playing is an important aspect to the healthy growth and development in children. But research says that toys are beneficial only when they match a child’s interest and abilities. So, it is important for parents to choose the right toy for their kids and make them build a strong base by “playing”.

A Collection of Best Educational Toys For Kids:

We have prepared a set of 10 top educational toys for kids, to make your search easier for you to select the best one for your kid. Here are some popular toys and their benefits:

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1. Board Games:

Games such as puzzles, jigsaws, crosswords, card games, spot the words, marbles etc., promote hand-eye co-ordination.

Children learn to solve problems (What does this do? Does this puzzle fit here?)through such board games.

2. Blocks:

Block toys, such as Lego, are best educational toy for kids of all ages. They help in gaining spatial relationships i.e., the ability to understand different geometrical concepts like dimensions, shapes and how they work together. Blocks help in coordination, balance and muscle control. Through blocks, a child might build more complex structures such as bridges and enclosures.

3. Construction Items:

These can be mechanic sets that help in planning, patience, thinking ahead, sharing, self control, delay of gratification while increasing insight in building processes, mathematics and natural sciences.

4. Sport Toys:

Sport toys such as skateboard, baseball or a basketball help in balance and coordination; they promote a child’s confidence and self-expression. Set up sport toys in an open space free of other toys. Praise your child’s efforts when they succeed; take turns, as it will help your child experience different perspectives.

5. Electronic Toys:

Most educational electronic toys may be handheld child ‘computers’ such as Speak & Spell, Speak & Read, Speak & Math, etc. These toys teach children basic spelling, vocabulary, mathematics and many more useful educational aspects. If the child takes an interest in a particular subject, get related books and videos. Show her the letters of her name on a computer keyboard and let her type it.

6. Musical Instruments:

Children love making noise and are often interested in activities that demonstrate cause and effect. Activities such as simple musical instruments offer them a chance to figure out how objects work and to connect their own actions with outcomes. This can lead to greater sense of self awareness and increased control over their environments.

7. Preschool Cameras:

Camera may help child in self expression and building confidence. Let your child take pictures of his favourite things such as food, stuffed animals, toy or anything the child cherishes. Taking pictures is a great opportunity for your child to refine observational skills.

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8. Cars & Vehicles:

Create a challenging roadway for your child’s vehicles using everyday objects. Let him race his cars through paper towel tunnels, roll them to the top of pillow mountains and maneuver them over a broom’s bristles. Turn an outing into a lesson on vehicle safety.

9. Dolls and Stuffed Animals:

As a child chatters to her dolls and stuffed animals, she is strengthening her vocabulary and practicing her speech. In ‘pretend play’, children put themselves in someone else’s shoes, which may help them temporarily “live” in a different role. This increases child’s self-esteem and “What if I am a …..” imaginative prowess, helping in problem solving when the child’s little brain is constantly thinking as she spins scenes in her head.

10. Outdoor Play Kits:

Sandpit is an ideal example. Buy clean white sand by the bag from gardening suppliers. Buckets, kitchen containers and funnels for pouring/tipping can also be used. Find shells, pebbles for the sandpit and use some toys such as tea sets, plastic animals or miniature cars – anything you don’t mind “losing”. Let the house run into the sand for a short time, so that children can create canals, dams and lakes as part of their play. This will give children an exciting space to explore their imagination.

As children play, they learn to solve problems, to get along with others and develop their own skills. Thus, playing with kids educational toys in early childhood can prove to be the best foundation for success in school.

So make sure your young kid has lots of time for play! If you know other educational toys for children, do share it with us. happy Gaming!

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