5 Easy Ways To Raise Your Child's Imagination

Raise Your Child's Imagination

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Do you wish to nurture your kid’s imagination? Are you a parent looking for ways to enhance your kid’s creativity? If yes, then reading this article may help.

Kids and imagination go hand-in-hand. It is during adulthood that humans lose touch with this rich aspect of their lives. But banishing imagination from life can do more harm than good. Read on to know more about this fascinating subject and how you can raise your kid’s imaginative abilities.

The Need For Imagination:

It is imagination that leads to great discoveries and innovations. It is imagination that helps people create the beauty in the world. It is imagination that gives roots and wings to all new things in the world.

Imagination aids the cognitive and emotional development of children. It helps them generate creative ideas and solutions to problems. Pretend play may seem frivolous to some adults, but it helps kids express themselves in many ways.

During imaginative games kids play many roles, use many tool

s and other materials to enact their world, which acts as a great exercise for the brain. One of the worst things to do with kids is to stifle their imagination before it can fully develop. Read to know more about how essential is imagination for kids.

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Nurturing Imagination In Kids:

1. Through Stories:

Fiction is an extension of the imagination. When we read or hear stories, we imagine each scene and character in our mind. The world of story comes alive in our minds. Stories, therefore, can help your kid develop his imagination.

Read books, share stories you heard in your childhood and narrate scenes from your favorite plays. Watch movies together and help them know stories through a different medium. Let your kid soak it all up. But don’t restrict stories to fiction alone. Take advantage of historic events, biographies and stories of leadership and innovation to enrich your kid’s mind.


  • Discuss different scenes in books and movies and help them come up with alternate endings.
  • Invent your stories together as a parent and child.
  • Become characters in a book/movie and navigate the story world in your way.
  • Read picture books to preschoolers. Take some time to observe all images.
  • Help them learn new words, names of places, explore history they encounter in the stories.

2. Through Art:

As a parent and a housekeeper, crayon scribbles on your walls may make you cringe. However, they are your kid’s first forays into creative expression. Instead of banning or restricting this activity, find new ways to use this to their advantage.

Designate one wall in the deep corners of the house for the exercise and help your kids understand that the wall is for them to use as they wish. How much toddlers and preschoolers would understand and follow it is another matter. The best thing to do is use acrylic paint that is washable.

Enroll your older kids in art/craft classes. Encourage them to accompany you to art exhibitions and museums. Art helps kids with better creative self-expression. Even observing painted canvases and sculptures can open their minds in amazing ways.


  • Give him tools (colors, dough, mud, paper, brushes, etc.) to create art and encourage such activities.
  • Refrain from guessing his creations (you may guess wrong and upset your child) and instead praise his use of colors or materials. Their trees may not look like trees and its best to just be an observer.
  • Provide him with things he can paint. Empty egg cartons, cardboard boxes, and small clay pots act as excellent canvases to help your kids use his imagination.

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