8 Different Ways In Which A Mother Can Influence Child Development

Child Development

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Are you expecting your baby or have recently brought home your little one? Are you thinking of how your life and role has now changed once you have become a mother? Or do you have a young child at home and are concerned about what role you, as a mother, have in his overall development?

Being a mother is an ever-changing and eventful journey, full of challenges and surprises. Read on to see the role and importance of mothers in child development.

The Eight Different Roles Of A Mother In Child Development:

There is so much you constantly do for your child, knowingly and unknowingly. Here are eight roles you will play as a mother in your child’s development:

1. The First Bonds Of Emotional Attachment:

As a mother and the primary caregiver in your child’s earliest days, weeks and months, you are your child’s first link of any emotional bonding and attachment. Your baby will learn his first emotions in relation to you.

The way you bond with your baby in the earliest months an

d years will leave a deep impact on your child’s overall well-being and development. The mother and child relationship you create with your child during the earliest years will greatly influence the way your child behaves in social and emotional settings, especially in later years.

As a mother, how soon you react to your child’s needs and how you try to take care of those needs will teach your child a lot about understanding others’ and his emotional requirements.

Tip: Be attentive towards your child, no matter how small or unimportant his need may seem to you.

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2. Teaching Trust And Security:

If you want to know the importance of mothers in child development, you need to learn this. Two very important life skills that your child will learn from you are learning to trust and providing emotional security.

As a mother, you have the onus of teaching your child about the importance of being able to trust and be trustworthy. If your child can trust you, he will be confident and emotionally secure.

Be around when your child needs you and always make sure you support him and encourage him to do better. Your encouragement will show your child that your love for him is a constant, and it will make him more secure.

Tip: Be honest with your child and teach him the importance of always telling the truth. Assure him of your unconditional love and support every day, so that he feels secure.

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3. Be Sensitive:

As a mother, there will be times when you feel that nothing is going the planned way. It is natural to lose your cool and give up in despair, but wait. Think from the point of view of your child.

Your child will learn a big lesson in life from you – that of being sensitive towards others’ needs and thoughts.

As a mother, you may have a certain way of looking at things and doing tasks while your child may have an entirely different view. Understand your child’s perspective too. If you feel that your child is wrong, try and explain to him what you feel he can do differently.

Tip: Never look down on your child’s way of thinking. Understand why he feels the way he does and talk to him about it.

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4. Be Kind And Loving:

The way you behave towards your child will have a lasting impact on your child’s development throughout his childhood as well as his adult years.

Always be kind and loving towards your child, no matter how stressed or angry you are. Your response to your child’s day to day activities and needs will show him the importance of being loving towards others.
The way you speak to your child and others around you will teach your child about dealing kindly with others.

Tip: Be kind and loving in your regular interactions with your child.