5 Must-Have Energy Foods For Your Kid


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Is your hyperactive kid always running around the house and creating a ruckus? Do you worry that doing too many activities can make him exhausted and dull? Have you tried to look for superfoods that will boost his energy levels? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a must!

Kids these days need that extra dose of energy to cope with the increasing academic pressure, unending hobby and sports classes. If you are looking for some healthy and power-packed foods to add to your kid’s meal plans, worry no more! Go ahead and give this post a read!

Five Must-Have Energy Foods For Kids:

Here is our selection of the top high energy foods for children that will help boost the energy levels:

1. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is a storehouse of dietary fiber, manganese, phosphorus, copper, biotin, vitamin B1, magnesium, chromium, zinc, and protein. Consuming it for breakfast every day will keep your kid’s energy levels high for hours on end. [1]

  • Let go of the pre-pac
    kaged oats and instead try giving your kid the fresh rolled version.
  • You can cook it in a jiffy in the microwave or pan.
  • Add fresh honey, butter and freshly chopped fruits and roasted nuts to make it a wholesome power breakfast. To enhance its taste, you can add a pinch of cinnamon or cardamom powder too.

The good thing about oats is that you can also easily add it to other dishes. Try adding oats to your kid’s French toast to give it a crunchy taste. You can also add it to omelets and other dishes.

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2. Eggs:

Encouraging your kid to eat eggs on a daily basis will take care of his protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, folic and pantothenic acid, phosphorus and iron requirements. Protein is essential to help build your kid’s muscles and to keep him feeling full. [2]

  • Eggs are a versatile food item that you can cook in many different ways.
  • You can try serving eggs in different forms each day to your kid. If your kid loves eggs, you can try giving him boiled ones for breakfast.
  • You can even cook up a batch of scrambled eggs with butter and fresh herbs.
  • If your kid does not enjoy eating eggs, you can always add or sneak it in other dishes, like cakes, pudding, salads, etc.

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3. Bananas:

Bananas are a rich source of vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, biotin, and copper. Intake of bananas helps in regulating blood sugar and energy levels. It also improves athletic performances. [3]

  • Make bananas a staple in your kid’s breakfast menu.
  • You can encourage your kid to have the fruit as it is, or add it to different dishes. You can add diced bananas to a bowl of oatmeal. Alternatively, you can also make a glass of delicious banana milkshake for your kid every morning.
  • If your kid does not like eating bananas, you could also freeze a bunch and then blend it with yogurt and other fruits to prepare a creamy smoothie.

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4. Fish:

Fish can add that dose of healthy fat to your kid’s plate. Fish contain omega 3 fatty acids that will help cut down your kid’s hyperactivity, and instead help him to concentrate better. Fish are also a rich source of vitamin D, selenium, iodine, magnesium, iron, and copper. [4]

  • Introduce fish to your kids in different forms like fried fish, fish cutlets, baked fish, etc.
  • If your kid does not like the taste of fish, you can consult a pediatrician and give him fish oil supplements.

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5. Cheese:

The high amount of protein in the cheese will keep your kid’s energy levels high until the next meal. [5]

  • Most kids love having plain cheese slices.
  • You can also add cheese to your kid’s favorite salad or sandwich.

Remember during the growing up years your kid needs a steady amount of energy to meet the various demands of his action-packed day. So why wait? Go ahead and include the above high energy foods for kids diet today.

Have another energy food for kids to recommend? Enlighten other moms about it in the comments box below.

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