10 Best Nutritious Foods For Kids

Nutritious Foods For Kids

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It is very important to provide essential nutritious food for kids to ensure proper development. In this way they will be able to develop a healthy body and mind. This is why it is necessary for you to start early and introduce nutritious foods in your child’s diet.

10 Best And Nutritious Food For Kids:

As a mother while you go about in preparing meals for your children, you should be able to ensure that your child is able to get all of the necessary nutrients which will be good for his body. For your help we have listed 10 best nutrition food for kids, here they are:

1. Vegetables:

Children often make a lot of fuss about picking up vegetables, but if you are able to get your child to eat these, you can ensure that your child has his much needed requirement of nutrients, important vitamins and minerals. Some of the best veggies you can introduce to your growing kid include – spinach, broccoli, carrots, red peppers, asparagus, celery, etc.

2. Fruits:

Just like vegetables, fruits too contain lots of vitamins and minerals, all of them being equally good for the body. The healthiest fruits you could get your child to include- cantaloupe, kiwi, oranges, apples, blueberries, etc. You can also provide your children with dried fruits as they are rich in iron, which is necessary when it comes to boosting energy and mental alertness.

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3. Oatmeal:

You can start your child’s day with oatmeal for breakfast. Your child will be able to perform better academically if he begins his day with a healthy breakfast. Oatmeal is also a rich source of fiber. You can also add honey, dried cranberries, fresh berries or crushed walnuts to the oatmeal to make it more healthy and tempting for your kid.

4. Flaxseeds:

Flaxseeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which is an important nutreint for brain development. These seeds are usually available in whole and ground form. A good way to add flaxseeds to your kid’s diet is to substitute 1/4 cup of flour with ground flaxseeds in your toddler’s bread, muffin and even pancake recipe.

5. Tofu:

Most children tend to hate tofu. You can fool your kid by adding tofu in smoothies and desserts which will turn out to be a healthy meal and delicious too.Tofu is an excellent source of protein, vitamin B, iron as well as calcium. These are therefore all of the necessary nutrients which your child will often need for growth.

6. Sweet Potato:

Sweet potato is yet another nutritious and at the same times an inexpensive vegetable. It is rich in vitamin A which keeps the eyes healthy and also serves as an antioxidant. It can also be given to your child as a side dish.

7. Eggs:

Eggs contain a lot of proteins and other nutrients. These include vitamins B, E and zinc. Best of all, eggs are extremely versatile- you can add them to practically anything and your kid will gobble them down in a jiffy.Nuts: Nut butters are excellent nutritious foods for kids. The kids require the fat provided that it doesn’t have hydrogenated oils mixed in it.

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8. Nuts:

Nut butters are excellent nutritious foods for kids. The kids require the fat provided that it doesn’t have hydrogenated oils mixed in it.

9. Melons:

Cantaloupe or melon is able to offer your kids with vitamin C, some B vitamins, beta-carotene as well as minerals and calcium. You should not miss giving your children melons when they’re plentiful and in season.

10. Orange Juice:

Most kids love fruit juices, and orange juice is a good way to keep your kid healthy and happy! Orange juice is a rich source of vitamin E, C, folate, potassium and zinc. You can also buy calcium-fortified orange juice.

Tips to Inculcate Healthy Eating Habits In Kids:

Implementing on these tips could help your kid develop healthy eating habits from the very beginning:

  • You can help your child to be involved in the meal planning and preparation.
  • You can let your child invite a friend to dinner occasionally.
  • As a parent you should keep the atmosphere at mealtime congenial and calm. This means that there should be no lectures or arguing.

Advantages Of Nutritious Food For Children: On providing your children with nutritious food they will feel better and look better. At the same time they will have more energy so that they are to do the things that are required of them. A nutritious diet will also leave your children with more energy to do the fun things they want to do.

  • Another benefit of giving your children nutritious food is that they will be able to function and also concentrate better. This is why their brain needs nutritious food so that your child will be able to think clearly and properly.
  • When you teach your children to eat smaller meals throughout the day, it will also help them keep feeling satisfied. This will be able to improve their metabolism.
  • By having a nutritious diet, it will ensure growth and tissue repair in your child. It will go a long way in, healing and maintaining muscle mass in case of injury.
  • Nutritious diet, contributes to an adequate body weight.
  • Another benefit of giving nutrition food for children is they will be able to add a variety and color which are important ingredients of a balance diet.
  • It can help boost imunity and lower the risk of diseases.
  • It will help your kid stay active and will provide him energy.
  • It will also assist your child in having a good night’s sleep.
  • It will help your child stay relaxed.
  • Eating nutritious food will prevent him from getting obese.
  • Nutritious food will help in the development of strong bones.
  • When you give your children nutritious foods which are rich in minerals and vitamins then there will be fewer chances of your children falling sick.

Hope our exhaustive palate of ideas and methods help you induce best nutrition food for kids diet and make him/her healthy and wise. Do share your experiences and let us know if you have more healthier concepts of nutritional food for kids in the comment section below.

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