5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Child's Handwriting


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As a parent you are always worrying about your child’s writing. Is your child constantly complaining when asked to write? Is his handwriting going for a toss because of lack of interest or concentration?

Not all children take to the skill of writing easily. As a parent, it is very important for you to instill interest and excitement in your child to focus on writing. The style of handwriting differs for every child. While some display exceptional skills while penning those cursive and lines, others simply do not want to pay attention to the style or the beauty and rush to get the job done.

It is therefore vital for you to incorporate some easy and useful measures to improve kid’s handwriting. Remember, this is not an impossible task.

Ways On How To Improve Handwriting For Kids:

Handwriting is also an art. Improving handwriting skills for children needs a lot of mastering from your child’s end once he gets the basics right. If your little one is constantly struggling wit

h his handwriting, apply these below mentioned ways to improve handwriting for kids. By following these ways you can help make the ordeal seem more like play.

1. Get The Grasp Right:

A lot of children do not grasp their pencil the right way. This causes all the problems. Getting a greater grasp helps write with ease.

  • Make your child hold his pencil in such a way that it rests next to the base of the thumb.
  • Make him hold the pencil firmly with the thumb, index finger and the middle finger.
  • This makes way for a finer grasp while attempting to write more words, numbers and symbols.
  • The ease with pencil makes it all the more comfortable for your little one to enjoy writing neatly rather than loathing it.

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2. Follow the Lines:

The biggest challenge in handwriting is getting the proportions of the letters right! This is an issue faced precisely by a majority of kids who start to dislike the process as soon as they do not get the proportions right. To achieve this, following the lines becomes very helpful.

  • Make your child write on the lined paper where he needs to fill up the space between the lines completely.
  • The capital letters should stretch from the bottom line to the top one.
  • The small case should be half the size of the capital letters.
  • Lines help hone the writing pattern.
  • Your kid will immediately get a hang of the proportions that are to be applied while writing. This leads to a better writing!

3. Pace While Writing:

Adapting to the right speed while writing shows in the handwriting too! Understand what works best for your child. Some kids like to write slow and easy while the others want to wind it up as soon as they can.

  • Observing your kid’s pattern will prepare you to make him write in the timeline that he likes.
  • There will be no arguments and your child will start enjoying the practice.
  • Remember, rushing your kid while he cannot write in that speed can ruin things. Furthermore, this can stress your child and he may completely stop writing.
  • Let him get a taste of improving handwriting in his own space and pace.

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4. Less Pressure, More Ease:

Kids tend to put in a lot of pressure while holding the pencil or scribbling on the paper. This causes stress to their little hands.

  • Train your child to hold the pencil firmly yet lightly, and continue writing without applying too much force on the paper.
  • This makes way for an easy glide of words while improving the style.

5. Make The Activity Interactive:

When you participate in the handwriting exercise along with your child, make it interactive than mundane.

  • Give your little one break while practicing, so that he will not get bored or exhausted.
  • Playing some games like scrabble or others help your kid to enjoy the recess while still focusing on the words and the writing.

Handwriting is a skill acquired with practice. The more your kid writes, the better he gets. Making this interesting depends on you as a parent. Be mindful about the fact that these are learning years and pressurizing your child to excel at something will only bring more disadvantages.

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Enjoy the learning phase along with your little one. After all, parenting is all about fun!

Hope you like our tips on how to improve handwriting for kids, do apply them and don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

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