40 Evergreen Bedtime Stories You Can Read To Your Kids

40 - bedtime stories for kids

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It’s late night and you need to tuck your little restless one in his warm and cozy bed. But, your darling is just too jumpy.

So what would you do at such an hour? A bedtime story can be your saviour. To help you on that here are our picks. Here we bring some evergreen children bedtime stories.

Our Collection Of 40 Classic Bedtime Stories For Kids:

Grab any one of these rhyming stories and see the lovely miracle! We are sure these kids bedtime stories will guarantee sleep and kisses from your kids.

1. Where The Wild Things Are By Maurice Sendak

Max is punished to go to bed without supper, so he puts on his wolf suit and falls asleep. And, then the world opens into funny animals that just look scary. This will definitely help your kid get rid of any nightmares.

2. Each Peach Pear Plum By Allan Ahlberg And Janet Ahlberg

This rhyme filled book asks your little kids to identify the fairy tale heroes. This one is repetitive and engaging to surely interest and drain their res

tlessness by tapping their memory.

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3. Guess How Much I Love YouBy Sam Mcbratney

Little Hare wants to prove to his Daddy Hare, that how much he loves his daddy. They decide to play the ‘I Love You more game’ which the little one just can’t win because Daddy loves him more, or will he win it at last?

4. Peace At Last By Jill Murphy

Mr. Bear just can’t sleep because Mrs. Bear snores aloud. He sleeps in the car, in other rooms and with his Baby bear. Will he finally get some peace? And How?

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5. The Gruffalloo By Julia Donaldson

The witty little mouse plays a clever prank to escape from his predators. Instead his prank turns into a real monster. Now how does he get away from both predators and Gruffalloo?

6. Winnie The Pooh Created By A. A. Milne

Pooh goes for more adventures in his dream world, so you need to go to our own dream world to see Pooh and his funny animals to giggle with. There are several bedtime stories of winnie, which you can share with your little one.

7. Goodnight Moon By Margaret Wise Brown And Pat Hancock

Your little one should say Goodnight to each and everything inside the room. If his sleep has not come yet, then he should continue saying goodnight to the things in the house, outside his window. Whatever he can name till he fall asleep.

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8. Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig?By Mick Inkpen

The hyper and restless Wibbly pig refuses to nothing but bed. Its way past bedtime and his mommy is too sleepy when Wibbly decides to splash in the bath and count the stairs to the bedroom. So finally, how is Wibbly put to bed?

9. Monkey Puzzle By Julia Donaldson And Axel Scheffler

The little monkey has lost his mommy and now walks and bounces across the big jungle to find almost all animals having something to do with his mommy. Does he find his mommy at last?

10. Goodnight Gorilla By Peggy Rathmann

The zookeeper is sleepy and is waving goodnight to each of the animals in the cage. But, one naughty Gorilla is sleepless and released his friend right after.

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11. Pumpkin Soup By Helen Cooper

The cat and the duck and the squirrel love their soup, one night this soup is messed up because of the wrong recipe. Who did it? And, more importantly, what did it do the cat, duck and the squirrel’s tummies?

12. Peter Pan And The Wendy By James M. Barrie

Peter Pan has been living in Neverland to have fun forever and hear all the cozy, sleepy bedtime stories of little kids. Does Peter Pan also end up living with humans?

13. Burglar Bill By Thomas Anstey Guthrie

Burglar Bill has stolen a bed and house and lives in it. One day, Bill steals a big box. He comes home to find a baby in it. Now, the next night when Bill is out for his regular patrols, Burglar Betty robs him. Who is Burglar Betty?

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