10 Benefits Of Storytelling For Kids


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As responsible parents, how often do you indulge in storytelling with your children? The answer, these days, may be rarely or never. Nowadays, with the tremendous amount of pressures on young parents, like the complexities of a nuclear family, lesser amount of free time available, and the addiction towards technological gadgets, the art of storytelling is somewhere getting lost.

As most things in parenting and childhood often lead up to, storytelling too forms a crucial part in helping develop your child’s overall personality. An age-old tradition that has been followed by parents since time immemorial has been a part of most of our own childhood too.

Storytelling for Kids:

Parents these days find it easier to put their children to bed after watching a favourite cartoon, than curling up in bed and reading out loud. What seems as a simple pleasure of childhood has many benefits attached to it, and it is important that you take out some time each night to read to your ch

ildren. Storytelling is as simple as reading a story from a book. If you don’t have that much time, you can always share a story from memory, talk about your own childhood, or even read out loud from your phone.

There are innumerable advantages of story telling for kids, especially in the formative years, and as you child grows.

Here are the top 10 benefits of storytelling for kids that you simply can’t afford to miss out on as a parent:

1. Instills Virtues In Your Child:

Children all over the world love listening to stories. They want to know more about their favourite characters and often try to emulate them. By telling your child stories that come with a meaningful message, you can definitely inculcate qualities like wisdom, courage, honesty, etc. from an early age into your little one.

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2. Makes Them Aware Of Their Own Culture And Roots:

Telling your children stories from your childhood and about various activities and celebrations from your past will make them more familiar about the different customs and traditions prevalent in your family. Sharing stories about various family members will help them learn about their lineage better.

3. Enhances Verbal Proficiency:

Reading out stories to your children helps in making them acquainted with the language as well as in learning new words and phrases. This is also a great way to teach your child new words and pronunciation on a regular basis.

4. Improves Listening Skills:

Most children usually have a lesser attention span and find it difficult to concentrate on something thing for long. Also, they end up talking more, rather than listening. Storytelling for kids ensures that they are not only more attentive, but are also keen to listen and understand.

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5. Encourages Creativity And Imagination Power:

Listening to a story helps a child imagine the characters, places, plot etc. instead of seeing it on a visual medium. This also enhances creativity, making them more imaginative and open to ideas and free thinking.

6. A Great Tool For Sharpening Memory:

By using certain smart ideas, you can use storytelling to help increase your child’s memory. Once you have read out the story, you can ask him to repeat the same after a few days. Alternatively, you can ask him to describe the story up till the present. This is a fun way to increase his memory and encourage concentration.

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7. Broadens Horizon:

Young children may not always be exposed to the different cultures and countries of the world. Through the medium of storytelling you can make him familiar about the various places and cultures across the world. Try and include stories from different countries and cultures to give your child a broader understanding of the world.