Top 5 Classic Stories For Kids

classic stories for kids

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Do you still remember the children’s books that you read as a kid? Well, if you do, it is not surprising at all!

Many of our favorite childhood story books stay with us throughout our lives and the different characters we were introduced to remain vividly etched in our minds. Apart from loving them for the entertainment factor, you probably remember your favorite stories because they helped you understand the world around you and shaped your aspirations, imagination and of course, your sense of right and wrong!

Top 5 Classic Stories For Kids:

If you are planning to introduce new storybooks to your kids, there are plenty of fantastic ones and all you need to do is look back at your childhood and remember the stories you loved. Here are some of the best classic short stories for kids that are guaranteed to be loved for many years:

1. Where The Wild ThingsAre By Maurice Sendak:


This is a fantastic story

for kids who have dreamed of running away from home.

  • The story is about Max, who is bored with his life and is transported to a frightening land filled with beasts.
  • He is crowned king of the Wild Things and loves the new freedom he has, but he soon misses home and leaves his throne to be back in his bedroom.
  • This story teaches kids about how thrilling an adventure can be, but at the end of it there is no place like home!

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2. Horton Hears A Who!By Dr. Seuss:


This is a famous classic story for kids about Horton who meets the tiny Whoville critters and realizes how important a microscopic speck of dust can be.

  • Horton is approached by Whoville’s mayor for protection and when he accepts, he realizes that he has to do everything he can to fulfill his promise.
  • This wonderful classic story teaches kids the importance of protecting and helping those who do not have the power to do it themselves.
  • There is also an animated movie based on this book, which your child can see after reading the story.

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3. The Giver By Lois Lowry:


This is a great story that is remembered by those who read it for the rest of their lives.

  • The story is about Jonas, an 11 year old boy, who lives in a world that is highly controlled and where everyone has to conform to and obey the rules.
  • Eventually, he breaks away from the conformity of this orderly “utopia” and makes his own destiny.
  • This is a must-read for every child as it teaches kids that they do not have to forsake their individuality for conformity.

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4. Charlotte’s WebBy E. B. White:


This amazing classic is about a wise spider named Charlotte, who saves Wilbur from the clutches of certain death by using her webs to spin messages about him.

  • She tells him that her life does not have much meaning, but that she could perhaps change all that by helping him.
  • This is truly a wonderful book and the ever-profound lesson that it teaches kids is that they can make their lives more meaningful by helping others.
  • Since this book deals with the topic of death, you may need to discuss about it gently with your child, after she has finished reading it.

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5. The Secret GardenBy Frances Hodgson Burnett:


In this memorable classic, Mary Lennox shares her love of the Secret Garden with her cousin Colin.

  • Colin is a boy who has been treated as an invalid member for his entire life by all the grownups in the family.
  • Mary, however, is sure that his problem is psychological and she slowly teaches him to walk.
  • When the adults see him running and playing like other children, they are amazed.
  • The valuable lesson that this beloved story teaches is that limitations must never be allowed to restrict abilities, even if those restrictions have been set by those who have the best intentions at heart.

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You can introduce these five great classic stories for kids and increase their collection slowly by adding other wonderful stories that are poignant and teach important lessons.

Books can shape your child’s morality and sense of the world that surrounds him, so keep encouraging the love for books and reading!

If you have similar suggestions of much-loved classics bedtime stories for kids from your childhood, do share them with us in the section below.

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