5 Effective Home Remedies That Will Help You Deworm Your Child

Deworm Your Child

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Do you think your child has worms? Are you trying to find out home remedies that can help to deworm your child naturally? Are you worried that if not treated on time, your child could suffer from some serious health issues? If you are looking for safe ways on how to deworm kids, scroll down to know the various natural therapeutic options available out there.

How Will You Know If Your Child Has Worms?

Having worms means that your child is suffering from an infestation of worms in his intestine. Your child can catch worms while walking barefoot on soil or even by eating unhygienic food or playing in the contaminated water. Once the worms enter your child’s body, they multiply in numbers. Intestinal infestations are a common complaint among children.

Symptoms Of Worms In Children:

Here are a few signs of worms in children that you may spot:

  • Pain in the stomach.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Anemia and paleness.
  • Itching, irritation or pain around the anus. It can happen when the wor
    ms enter your child’s body. The symptom is severe if your child is suffering from an infestation of threadworms.
  • Frequent bouts of diarrhea.
  • Nausea or a feeling of constant discomfort.
  • Rashes around the anal area.

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Home Remedies For Deworming Children:

Try out these home remedies for deworming a child:

1. Unripe Papaya:

Unripe Papaya

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Unripe papaya is a good source of latex that has powerful anthelmintic properties. Papaya also contains caricin that can help remove the intestinal worms from your child’s body. (1)

  • Mix a tablespoon of raw papaya juice and honey. Add three to four tablespoons of hot water to the same. Let your child drink this potion each morning on an empty stomach. After two hours, mix one tablespoon of castor oil in half a glass of warm milk and let your child have it. Repeat the natural remedy for three to four days to help your child get rid of the intestinal infestation.
  • Grind papaya seeds into a fine powder. Add two tablespoons of papaya seed powder to a cup of warm water or milk. Let your child have this potion each morning on an empty stomach for three to four days.
  • You can also make a papaya smoothie by mixing papaya seeds powder, coconut oil, ripe papaya, honey and coconut milk. Let your child have this each morning on an empty stomach for at least a week to get rid of worms from his tummy.

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2. Ajwain (Carom Seeds):

Ajwain (Carom Seeds)

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Carom seeds contain thymol that can prevent the worms from multiplying in your child’s intestines. (2) Mix carom seeds and jaggery to make the treatment more effective.

  • Let your child eat a tablespoon of jaggery on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • After about 20 minutes, give him half a tablespoon of crushed carom seeds with a glass of water.
  • Continue the treatment for about two weeks to eliminate the intestinal worms completely.

3. Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin Seeds

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Pumpkin seeds contain cucurbitacin that has strong anti-parasitic properties. It can help paralyze the worms. As a result, the worms will not be able to attach themselves to your child’s intestinal walls and will be expelled along with stool. (3)

  • Peel and crush the pumpkin seeds. Boil two tablespoons of the seeds in three cups of water for about 30 minutes. Once the potion cools down, ask your child to sip it slowly. Continue the treatment for a few days to make your child bid farewell to the intestinal worms.
  • You can also mix some roasted and crushed pumpkin seeds with honey. Ask your child to ingest the home remedy on an empty stomach in the morning for a week. After a week, start giving your child laxative fruits like kiwi or banana as part of his daily breakfast.

4. Garlic:


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Garlic contains strong anti-parasitic properties that will help kill the intestinal worms in your child. Garlic also has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties that will help your child’s body fight infection. (4)

  • Make your child eat three cloves of raw garlic every day in the morning on an empty stomach. Continue this home remedy for at least a week.
  • If your child finds it difficult to eat raw garlic, you can give him boiled garlic cloves with half a cup of milk. Let your child drink this preparation on an empty stomach each day in the morning. Continue this natural therapy for at least a week to deworm him effectively.

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5. Coconut:


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Coconut has very strong anti-parasitic properties that make it effective in treating worms.

You can use the fruit or its oil to eradicate the worms.

  • Let your child eat a tablespoon of grated coconut each day with breakfast. Continue this home remedy for a week to see results.
  • Extra virgin coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides that will help remove the worms from your child’s body. Let your child have four to six tablespoons of coconut oil each morning for a week. It will also boost your child’s immunity and prevent a worm infestation from recurring.

Worms can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to your child, so make sure you treat them the moment you spot the signs. Remember, to check with your child’s doctor before you try the above home remedies.

Did you use any home remedy to treat worms? How did it benefit your child? Do share your experience and advice with other moms here.

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