25 Best Animal Story Books Every Children Should Read

25 best animal story books every children should read

Animal characters always bring an awe and charm to stories!

In such stories, animals talk and behave like humans retaining their inherent traits, but their physical appearance depicts all the cuteness and beauty of the jungle world. Hence, animal stories are an eternal favourite for all, especially children.

25 Best Short Animal Stories For Kids With Morals:

There is no dearth of animal stories in world literature! Each one is unique in its own way and imparts enlightenment in a fun way. Here we have tried to compile some memorable & funny animal stories for kids with pictures.

1. The Hare And The Tortoise:

the hare and the tortoise

Once there lived a hare and a tortoise who decide to have a race. Everybody pities the tortoise. But at the end, the result shocks everyone, as the over confident hare underestimated the tortoise.

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.

2. The Two Goats:

the two goats

Two goats meet in the middle of a narrow bridge and starts fighting as only one can pass by at a time. The wise goa

t realized that it is better not to argue and lies down. The other goat jumps over and crosses the bridge.

Moral: Acceptance is better than arguments.

3. The Ugly Duckling:

the ugly duckling

Once there was a small duckling that looked different from his siblings. Everybody called him Ugly. The duckling leaves the place and roams to different places till he finally sees his reflection as a handsome swan.

Moral: Time and experience changes you.

4. The Hare And The Hound:

the hare and the hound

A hound, who was chasing a hare for long, decides to give up. A herd of goats, mocks him to which he replies that he was running for his dinner and the hare for his life.

Moral: Incentive spurs efforts.

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5. The Fox And The Goat:

the fox and the goat

Once a fox who gets trapped in a well entices a goat to jump in. The goat is fooled when the fox tells her to bend so that he can jump out and help her.

Moral: Look before you leap

6. The Fisherman And The Little Fish:

the fisherman and the little fish

A fisherman catches a small fish after a day’s hard work. The fish says it is too small; it pleads with the fisherman to set it free, so that it can become big enough for him to eat later. But the fisherman does not get convinced.

Moral: Never forego certain gain for uncertain profit.

7. Two Cats And A Monkey:

two cats and a monkey

There is a fight between two cats about a piece of chapatti. None is ready to share it with other. Then a monkey tries to be a judge and decide the share, but in the end monkey eats all.

Moral: When you quarrel, someone else gains.

8. The Fox And The Grapes:

the fox and the grapes

A hungry fox who was roaming in search of food finds a beautiful grapevine. However, the grapes hanging high, far from his reach. He declares the grapes to be sour, so he wouldn’t have liked them anyway.

Moral: The wise accepts defeat sportingly.

9. Lion And The Boar:

lion and the boar

A lion and a boar were fighting fiercely to drink water from the same well. They suddenly saw a group of vultures hovering to feast on whoever loses. They immediately stop.

Moral: Others are waiting to take your advantage

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10. The Ant And The Grasshopper:

the ant and the grasshopper

A grasshopper saw an ant toiling hard in the field and asks her to relax and enjoy the spring. The ant says she’s working so that she could be prepared for winter. The grasshopper does not listen and starves in winter.

Moral: One should always plan for future.

11. The Fox And The Stork:

the fox and the stork

A fox invites a stork for dinner and serves him food in a flat plate. In order to take revenge, the stork invites the fox for dinner and serves him food in a narrow jug.

Moral: One bad turn invites another.

12. An Ass In Lion’s Skin:

an ass in lion's skin

An ass chances upon a lion’s skin wears it, pretending to be a lion. Everyone is frightened. He becomes happy and starts braying, revealing his true identity.

Moral: Silly words will disclose a fool.

13. Who Will Bell The Cat?

who will bell the cat

A group of mice is terrorized by a monstrous cat. They decide to put a bell around the cat so that they can be alert whenever she is nearby. But when asked who will bell the cat, no one had an answer.

Moral: Planning is different from execution.