‘The Story Of The Birth Of Lord Krishna’ For Your Kid

The Story Of The Birth Of Lord Krishna

Have you introduced your children to any mythological stories yet? Has your child heard about Lord Krishna and his inspirational stories? Do you want to share the story of the birth of Krishna with your child in a way that he will understand?

If yes, then please read this post where we have recreated the complete Lord Krishna birth story for kidse!

The Story Of The Birth Of Lord Krishna:

Once upon a time in India, there was a small town called Mathura near the river Yamuna. Almost 5,000 years ago, a bad king named Kans ruled the city. He was very greedy and cunning and wanted to be the king, even though his father Ugrasena was the actual ruler. So imprisoned his father and became the king by deceit.

Ugrasena was a very compassionate king, but Kans was the opposite. It was a difficult time for the people of Mathura, as their king was a very unfair and evil man. Kans would also fight a lot with the rulers of the Yadu dynasty. It meant that the peace loving people of Mathura were always involved

in wars and fights with other kingdoms.

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In the middle of all this bad news, some good news soon arrived. Kans’s sister Devaki was to get married. The people of Mathura started celebrating, something they had not done since Kans became the ruler. Devaki would marry King Vasudev and Kans was happy, because he thought Vasudev’s kingdom would become his too.

Once Devaki and King Vasudev were married, Kans decide that he would drive them home himself. He would honor them with a royal courtesy as per the traditions of the time. As Kans sat down on the chariot to drive them home, he heard a divine voice. The voice that came from the thundering sky said, ‘Evil Kans, your end is near. You don’t know about it, but by marrying Devaki to King Vasudev, you have brought your death near. The eighth son that will be born to Devaki and Vasudev will kill you.’

On hearing the divine voice and what it said, Kans became very scared. But soon his fear turned to anger. He decided to kill Devaki, because if there was no mother how could she give birth to a baby? So he took out his sword to kill her.

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King Vasudev was horrified when he saw what Kans was about to do. He fell down on his knees and begged Kans to not kill Devaki. ‘Kans, please do not kill your sister. I will give you all the babies who are born so that they cannot do what the divine voice said.’

Kans thought for a while. ‘In that case, you will have to become my prisoners and live in my palace.’ King Vasudev had no choice but had to agree to what Kans said. Kans was happy, because his sister Devaki was the only person he loved in the world, and now he would not have to kill her.

Soon Kans captured Devaki and Vasudev and put them in the dungeons in his palace prison. The guards were asked to watch them at all times. Each time Devaki gave birth to a baby in the dungeon, Kans would immediately kill it. Soon he killed seven babies and did not think of how he was torturing his sister by killing her children.

For the next nine years, Devaki had no more babies. Soon, she was about to give birth again. Kans was very scared now. It was going to be the eighth baby, the one that the divine voice had talked about. He was so scared he could not eat or sleep.

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In the dungeon, Devaki was crying at the thought of Kans killing her baby again, but Vasudev was trying to calm her down. The night was over and it was day. Everyone in Mathura knew what had happened to the babies till now, and they also knew of the divine voice that said this baby would kill Kans. Everyone was waiting to see what would happen.