15 Best Xbox 360 Games For Your Kids

Xbox 360 Games For Your Kids

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Is your kid interested in gaming consoles? Do you have a Xbox 360 gaming console at home? Are you worried your kid may end up playing age-inappropriate or violent games? Are you looking for some age-appropriate games that won’t have a negative impact on your kid?

If you can relate to the situation, read our post and learn about some fun age-appropriate best kids xbox 360 games. Here are our top 15 recommendations for some amazing age appropriate and top Xbox 360 games for kids, that can be played without you having to worry about content:

1. Kinectimals:


The very cute game from Xbox 360 will let your kid have a little tiger cub as a playful pet.

  • He has to adopt a pet out of 20 available ones like the Bengal tiger, cheetah, lion and more. Once he adopts a pet, the next step is to name it as per choice.
  • The tiger cub can recognize her name and respond to it, and he can teach her to do simple tasks like fetch.
  • The cub will also grow through the game, and will l
    ove to go an adventure with him through the island.
  • He can scratch and rub the cub’s belly and play various games like jumping rope, moving through hoops, stop and do a balancing act and more.
  • He can also connect with other family members or friends along with their pets and take part in various activities.
  • Through the game, he will get a chance to make virtual friends with exotic animals and even animals he might not have a chance to interact with in real life.
  • The Kinectimals pets are just like a real pet to your kid, purring, growling with love, playing dead, rolling over and more.
  • You can buy it here
  • It is available for INR 1999

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2. Need For Speed Most Wanted:

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed or NFS is one of the most popular console games of all times.

  • Your kid will get the chance to perfect his driving and racing skills in a virtual world.
  • He can select a location of choice out of the various locations that are available, and race accordingly. As he moves through the levels, new locations become available.
  • Through the game, your kid will have the opportunity to learn about incorporating strategies in cop pursuit. For other settings, like racing on the streets, he will have to learn how to evade other racers and beat time to be the winner.
  • The game imitates real locations, and the graphics are amongst the best in the world.
  • You can buy it here
  • It is available for INR 1499

3. Just Dance 2015:

Just Dance 2015

This is one of the best xbox 360 kids games. The popular dancing game Just Dance has been around since 2009.

  • It allows your kid to star in the Just Dance competition. He can use the camera to record dance steps and then share it in the game.
  • The Just Dance Wall will let your kid share some fun, and new dance moves that other gamers can watch. He can also check out videos posted by others and vote, collaborate and do more.
  • The Challenger Mode allows him to have a dancing competition against any other player in the world. It could be some family member, a sibling, you, or even any other player from the Xbox Just Dance community.
  • Using the Community Remix option, he can record dance moves on a given music and share it with other players in the game. The Just Dance team will use the best videos and create a remix dance catalog that all players will be able to view.
  • You can buy it here
  • It is available for INR 2499

4. FIFA 15:


If your kid enjoys football, this is one game you cannot miss.

  • The FIFA 15 has been upgraded to give your kid the feeling of being in a real stadium during a real match.
  • The game allows him to see the emotions of each and every player on the field, as well as listen to the chanting and cheering of fans.
  • He will learn various game plays and team tactics about how to win the game and how to score fast.
  • The new pitch area has been revamped in the FIFA 15 game, where the boot marks and slide tackles from players are also visible.
  • You can buy it here
  • It is available for INR 3499