The Thirsty Crow Short Story For Kids

the thirsty crow

Do you think you are too busy to read your child a story every now and then? Think again.

When it comes to telling stories, researchers all over the world agree that it is an activity that enriches kids emotionally and also help them build crucial thinking skill. Storytelling is also a good way to introduce children to new words and expand their vocabulary.

Why Storytelling?

Stories give kids a wider view of the world that their cozy little life may not provide. Stories also encourage children to listen well and the skill of being a good listener must be inculcated at a very young age. To make the experience educational, you can drop in a new word here and there that they will incorporate to their gradually increasing limit of words.

Choice Of Stories For A Young Child:

To start off with, stick to the old classics of Aesop’s Fables, which have both a moral side and an uncomplicated, yet interesting plot. The story of The Thirsty Crow is perhaps the most popular of the fables, with its conten

ts being reiterated by generations of nostalgic parents to kids who hungrily devour the story only to repeat cycle years later to their own children.

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The Thirsty Crow Story For Kids

Here we present you short story of thirsty crow in both original and modern versions along with the moral.

a. The Original Fable:

The original story, as written in Aesop’s Fables, tells about a thirsty crow chancing upon a pitcher that contains very little water. The water level is too low and the neck of the pitcher too narrow for the crow to reach in for a drink. With water just beyond the reach of its beak and thirst clawing at its throat, the crow thinks up a simple yet brilliant plan.

The crow then starts picking up pebbles that were lying around, dropping them in the pitcher. Soon, the water level starts rising, as the bottom is gradually filled up with stones. At last, enough pebbles were deposited in the vessel, the water reaches just up to the level where the crow can dip its beak and have the much deserved gulp of water to quench its thirst.

b. The Moral:

While more or less everyone agrees that the moral to be perceived here is the virtue of ingenuity, there have been slightly different versions of it.

  • In Avianus’s collection, the story is followed by the moral “Thoughtfulness is superior to brute strength”.
  • In the Francis Barlow edition, the proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention” was added.
  • An early 20th century retelling of the story has incorporated the moral “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

There are stories that also claim that the moral of the story is most definitely the crow’s persistence that ultimately reaped the reward.

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c. The Modern Versions:

The story of thirsty crow has been re-told over the years in many forms. Some stories feature the crow using different means for obtaining water. For example, the crow tears up a wad of sponge from a dilapidated sofa, lying nearby, uses it to soak up water and drinks by squeezing out the water from the sponge. Some of them entail the crow using a straw to drink the water.

In fact, there is even a game called The Thirsty Crow available on iOS devices (3.0 or higher) that draws inspiration from the story. The crow wants to drink water from the pitcher and you can help him by swiping the pebbles into the crow’s beak and drop it in the pitcher.

We hope this article has inspired you to delight your toddler or kid with this story right away! You may want to read it to him or let him play the game, but the Thirsty Crow is a memory of childhood that teaches us valuable lessons about resilience, intelligence and hard work.

Do share your views with us regarding the topic thirsty crow story.

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