'The Crab With The Golden Claws' Story For Your Kids

the crab with the golden claws

Storytelling is an act of love. Sharing stories connects us to each other. When I tell my story, it connects to your story.” – Njoki McElroy, teacher and storyteller.

Telling stories to children come with educational, social and mental benefits. The media-soaked environment of today is attracting attention of your children towards entertainment. As, parents, it is important that you inculcate the habit of reading and discover the joy in it from a very early age.

Why Is Storytelling Important?

Children today are found to lack analytical skills and have poor thinking capabilities because of their exposure to television.

  • Activities like storytelling help transferring feelings and emotions.
  • Thinking capacity of your child gets boosted when you read out short stories to him. Infancy is the time when you child easily grasps words they listen.
  • Not only does his vocabulary increase, but also his listening skills enhance with time.

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Storytelling And Child Development:

Your child responds to the stories he hears by creating images of different characters and places. This creates the basis of all his imagination.

  • Imagination is vital for a productive and exciting life. Experts suggest that children who lack imagination tends to get violent.
  • Storytelling feeds imagination. If your child has fertile imagination, he can create different solutions to deal with a hostile environment.
  • Speaking, reading and writing skills improve with storytelling. You can see your child’s critical thinking skills developing with storytelling.
  • Last but not the lease, it is a good way to introduce your child to different cultures. In this cosmopolitan world, it is good to be aware of global cultures.

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The Adventures Of Tintin The Crab With The Golden Claws Story:

Children love cartoons. You can develop your child’s interest in books by introducing him to the Tin Tin series of comic albums. One such exciting story is “The Crab with the Golden Claws”. Here is how the story goes:

  • Tin Tin and Snowy the dog are in Brussels to unearth the mystery of a drowned man.
  • Tin Tin meets Captain Haddock for the first time. Haddock is a sailor, who stays by the side of Tin Tin all through the adventure.
  • In process of his investigation Tin Tin comes to a ship called Karaboudjan.
  • He is abducted by a group of criminals who had hidden opium in crab tins.
  • Snowy chews through the bonds to free Tin Tin.
  • He meets Captain Haddock, who has been manipulated by Allan and is not aware of the activities of the criminals.
  • Tin Tin takes shelter in the locker and fights with the sailor Jumbo.
  • In the meanwhile Allan thinks Tin Tin has escaped. While looking for him, he finds Jumbo tied to a chair.
  • They escape the ship in a lifeboat giving radio massage to police that a seaplane had tried to attack them.
  • Captain and Tin Tin hijack the plane and they tie up the pilots.
  • Drunken behavior of Haddock forces them to make a crash landing in Sahara, where the crews escape.
  • Dehydrated, they trek in the dessert, after which they are saved and taken to a French Outpost.
  • Here they come to know that a storm had sunk their ship.
  • They go to the Moroccan airport, defending themselves from the Tuareg tribesmen with MAS-36 rifles.
  • Captain gets kidnapped at the port.

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  • Tin Tin meets Thomson and Thompson and come to know that the crab tins were sold by Omar ben Salaad, a merchant.
  • Tin Tin asks Thomson and Thompson to carry out an investigation discreetly.
  • In the process of tracking and saving the captain, both of them get intoxicated by fumes from wine barrels.
  • While sobering up, Tin Tin finds a crab necklace with golden claws on Omar ben Salaad, the wine cellar.
  • This makes him realize he is the leader of drug cartel.
  • Tin Tin does not allow Allan to escape in a boat.
  • Police arrests the criminals and the Japanese man is set free.
  • The Japanese man introduces himself as Bunji Kuraki.
  • Bunji Kuraki was a police detective who was trying to warn Tin Tin about the group.
  • Tin Tin upon switching on the radio learnt that the entire group of Crab with the Golden Claws has been sent behind the bars.

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Stories like “Tintin And The Crab with the Golden Claws” helps keep children engrossed till the very end. Once your child develops interest in reading, he will eagerly wait for his next book. Make reading a fun activity for your child and help him grasp the essence of learning.

Moms, share with us which Tin Tin book is your child’s favorite.

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