10 Cool Paper Flower Crafts For Your Children

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Looking for some cool ways to keep your kid busy during weekends and holidays? There’s nothing better than introducing him to some craft activities that will surely enhance his creativity and keep him away from the TV. What’s more, these will also help your kid develop his artistic and motor skills. These cool paper flower crafts for kids will keep your kid busy for a couple of hours while you sort out your day’s activities without having to bother about him.

10 Best Paper Flower Making for Kids:

Here we’ve listed down the 10 best paper flower crafts that you can get your kid to experiment on.

1. Cartoon Style Flowers:


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This one is very easy to do. Just draw a shape of a simple flower on a piece of a colorful paper and get your kid to cut it out. Now trace a small cartoon shape, such a small sun on a piece of plain white paper, ask your kid to paint it and after let him cut it out half a centimeter outside the trace marks and then rub it

out. Now place this cartoon shaped sun in the middle of the colorful flower piece and glue them together!

2. Photo Holder Flowers:


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If you’re getting your kid to learn something new and innovative that can be used, let him try his hand at these simple photo holders. Choose small sized photos of his and his friends. Ask him cut out paper flowers that have a large hollow in middle, enough to allow the face in the photos to be visible. Let him simply glue photos to the back of each flower with your help. You can make a collage of such flower pictures and hang it in his room!

3. Paper Flowers:


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Flower making and arrangement is a popular craft practiced in many regions of the world, and the best way to get your kid involved is to pick up a good reference book and get your kid to cut out different shapes using colored paper and stick them together to create a flower art.

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4. Decorate Gifts:


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How to make easy paper flowers for kids? Here’s another simple trick that uses paper flowers to jazz up any boring gift wrap or a greeting card. Get your kid to cut out a simple flower shape in different sizes on different colored papers and arrange them on the card/ gift before sticking them together!

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5. Paper Roses:


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Here is another simple trick to get your kid to try out. Let him cut out a large circle of red colored paper and lightly draw a spiral on it, starting from inside to the outside. Now cut along the spiral lines, roll it back together following the same path, and stick the loose ends- viola! You have red paper rose ready!

6. Paper Card Cut Out:


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Here’s an innovative side to the boring paper card idea. Cut out a flower shape in the centre of a white card paper, place another colored paper below it, and then stick a smaller size of the same flower shape in white color on top of it and decorate!

7. Flower Envelope Art:


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Another great idea is to help your kid decorate envelopes using cut-outs of flowers or flower drawings in different colors. Make sure your kid has a lot of crayons, coloring pens and pencils to explore his creative side.

8. Flower Bookmarks:


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If your kid knows you’re an avid book reader, you can ask him to create some simple flower bookmarks for you using card paper and a few felt tip pens and crayons in different colours. This is an easy way to gift his friends or relatives a token of his creativity.

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9. Glittery Flowers:


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Glitter always manages to grab the attention of kids – you can help your kid create these simple flowers by cutting out petal shapes from a pink colored card paper and sticking them together, and finally applying glue around the petal tips and sprinkling some glitter over them.

10. Flower-Decorated Journals:


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You can also encourage your kid to line your kid’s journal or decorate it using paper flowers, especially the label area. Wrap the journal/notebook in a simple, minimalistic paper, and let your kid get creative with decorating the label area using paper flowers.

As you can see, it does not take expensive materials to get children captivated. These simple paper crafts will occupy your darling for hours and also serve as a way to nurture his/her creative side.

If you know any other crafts in paper flower making for kids, please share them with us below!

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