Top 10 Paper Cutting Craft Activities For Your Kids

Cutting And Craft Ideas For Your Child

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Craft and art ideas are a good choice when it comes to getting your kid involved in extra-curricular activities. They help him explore his creative side while developing his motor skills.

10 Amazing Cutting and Pasting Activities for Kids:

Check out these simple yet creative cutting ideas for kids and watch your kid get busy into hours of creativity- something way better than watching cartoons on TV. You can also help him out with his activity. This is also a cool way to build a good relationship with your kid.

1. Zig Zag Paper Strips:

Zig Zag Paper Strips One of the best and simplest ways to enhance your kid’s cutting skills is to get a zig zag or a wave shaped scissors and ask your kid to cut along a straight line. This will create wonderful decorative paper strips that will make your kid go creative with ideas.

2. Cutting Simple Shapes:

Cutting Simple Shapes

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The best way to introduce your kid to cutting is to draw large, simple shapes on different pieces of colorful p

apers and get him to cut them out along the outline. You can then use these objects to create a scene and ask your kid to decorate it and then stick it on his room’s wall.

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3. Paper Linked Objects:

Paper Linked Objects

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These linked objects are easy to make and will get your kid all buzzing with energy over his creations. Fold a sheet of paper that is horizontally long. Draw a simple object so that your kid doesn’t cut it out from the ‘folded’ edge- this will help create a link between the identical objects.

4. Simple Christmas Tree:

Simple Christmas Tree

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Trace out a simple triangle on a sheet of green card paper for your kid and create sections between every few centimeters. Now ask your kid to cut along these lines and then stick them together leaving some space in between each, on a green stick, and then decorate it!

5. Hand Cut-Outs:

Hand Cut-Outs

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This is a cool trick to try that also helps your child get trained in cutting along curvy edges. Help him trace his hand on a sheet of paper and then cut it out following the outline. These can then serve as bookmarks or other card decorative pieces for future use.

6. Popsicle Puppets:

Popsicle Puppets

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Trace out some cute animals on card papers and ask your kid to cut them out and decorate them by adding details for eyes, nose and other features. Now get your kid to paint a used popsicle stick and paste these animal face on it!

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7. Cute School Book Labels:

Cute School Book Labels

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Here’s another constructive way to get your kid busy and experiment creative stuff. Using different shapes as templates, help your kid cut out school labels for his new school year books and decorate them. Add his name and do other detailing. Your child will feel proud of his self sufficiency too.

8. Christmas Masks:

Christmas Masks

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Draw the Santa’s beard and cap on a sheet of paper and ask your kid to cut it out along the lines. He can then decorate it and using a cello tape. Secure a thin stick at the back to hold this mask. This can be considered as one of the best cut and paste activity for kids.

9. Paper Collage:

Paper Collage

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A simple paper collage is enough to keep your kid busy. Get him different colored papers and ask him to create a collage using different objects cut from different pieces of papers and then sticking them together on a sheet.

10. Photo Frame Cut-Out:

Photo Frame Cut-Out

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If you’re looking for ideas that make your child to create something he could use, there’s nothing better than this one. Trace out this outline on a card paper and ask your kid to cut it carefully. Now cut a large sized photo of your kid such that it fits the middle area, and ask your kid to stick it and decorate it.

These are some great ways of enhancing the paper cutting activities for kids. However, if your child is not yet trained to hold the scissors make sure you are around him, helping him and supervising the activity. Till such time he gets comfortable with sharp objects, make sure you are watching while enjoying his creative side unleash!

Have more ideas to share on cutting and pasting activities for kids? Do not forget to share them with other moms here!

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