8 Simple & Helpful Travel Activities For Kids

Travel Activities For Kids

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Are you all set to head on a trip with your kid? Are you looking for ways to prevent her from turning cranky and messy when on the go? If you nodded along, consider reading our post. While traveling, it is imperative that you keep her occupied. What are benefits of keeping her engaged while traveling? Which activities can keep her busy during your journey? Read our post to get brilliant, useful ideas for travel activities for kids to help you have a safe and hassle-free journey.

Benefits Of Keeping Kids Engaged While Traveling:

Before we look at some kids travel activities that will keep them engage while traveling, let’s look at some of the benefits of doing so:

  • Prevents your kid from turning messy and cranky
  • Makes her feel the journey is short
  • Boosts motor skills
  • Improves her creativity
  • Prevents motion sickness
  • Helps you concentrate on driving, if you are driving

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Travel Activities For Kids:

1. Coloring Books:

Kids love coloring. Provide her with coloring books and a portable crayon set that will let her fill in colors on her favorite images. Also, coloring pictures will boost your kid’s creativity as she attempts to use different color combinations. (1)

2. Story Lacing Boards:

Lacing cards is a simple and easy kids travel activity that develops motor and perceptual skills. Give her a lacing board of any prominent character from kid’s stories and let her lace the thread around the board. Lacing boards will engage your kids in skillful activity during the journey. (2)

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3. Provide Binoculars:

Kids love to watch distant objects through binoculars. So provide her a pair of binoculars and encourage her to look at distant mountains, rivers, houses, and various destinations while traveling. Ask them what they can locate and describe the objects. Looking through binoculars will engage your kid and fuel her curiosity regarding distant objects while traveling.

4. Give Flashcards:

Provide flashcards to your kid. A flashcard has an image of an object or person and description of the image below it in a couple of words. Flashcards will help your kids learn opposites, synonyms, antonyms, and many basic things with the help of images. Referring to flashcards will keep her busy throughout the journey. (3)

5. Video Games On Tablets:

Get your kid’s favorite video games on your tablet. Let your little one play her favorite video games when on the go. She will enjoy playing adventurous, mysterious, and engaging games on the tablet and stay quiet throughout the journey.

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6. Gift Activity Bags:

Get activity bags for your kid. Make sure that the activity bag contains a writing tablet, bingo games, dry erase markers, crayons, pencils, a pencil sharpener, and other items that she can use while traveling. Give her an activity bag and encourage her to explore it. Encourage her to use various items in the bag and write a story or easy, solve the puzzles, color the images, and perform all creative activities enthusiastically. She will love to use her creativity and stay busy performing the activities when on the go. (4)

7. Provide Map And Travel Journal:

Give your kid a travel journal and the map of the destination you are heading, information, and images of the destination. Encourage her to read the map and travel journal and learn more about the destination. The journal will boost her curiosity and knowledge. (5)

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8. Kindle Fire:

Load your Amazon Kindle with numerous free, children’s applications and children’s storybooks and give the Kindle to your little one when on the go. Encourage her to explore the Kindle. She will enjoy playing a variety of puzzles, scrabble, and kid’s games, and reading popular children’s books.

Hope you liked our list of travel activities for children. Did you engage your kids in travel activities any time? Which travel activities did your kids enjoy? Share them with fellow mommies here.

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