10 Quick & Easy Ways To Motivate Your Child


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Much as you have been waiting for your baby to begin school and start a new phase in life, this also marks the beginning of a new phase for you – as a parent. From the very first day till many years to come, your child will need your guidance throughout her school, and everyday life. Parenting is definitely not easy, but it is not really difficult either. In fact, with a few basic things in mind and some smart ideas and activities, it can be a lot of fun too.

10 Ways On How To Motivate Children

Here is a list of the top 10 ways to motivate children to learn – be it with school work or outdoor activities. Remember, each child is different, so use your parental instincts while helping out your child.

1. Reconsider Rewards:

Knowing how to motivate kids to study is very essential because homework is something most parents struggle with. Whether it is finishing a particular exercise, or sitting down for some study time, many parents end up resorting to the classic ‘bribing’

technique. ‘Finish your homework and I will allow TV time,’ or ‘Study for half an hour and you can have that bag of chips’ are dialogues most parents are familiar with. While it sure sounds tempting, it is definitely not a good idea, especially in the long run. Studies have shown that kids tend to lose interest in the things they do if they are not getting ‘rewarded’ for it. This can even happen with things they love, if they get used to getting a reward at the end of it. Quick Tip: Make sure you offer rewards for doing good work, but occasionally. Also, try and make them interested in what they are doing, rather than a reward.

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2. Have Meaningful Conversations:

One of the best ways to motivate your child is to sit down and have a good talk. Children are curious, and love to explore new things and ideas. Make sure you involve them in your conversations, no matter what the age. Take a walk, sit for an evening snack and have a small chat. Remember to keep the conversation age-appropriate and engaging. Quick Tip: Avoid using authority words like ‘should’ or ‘must’ and stick to questions like ‘why don’t you?’

3. Embrace Imperfections:

No one is perfect, and as parents, it is up to you to remember this crucial fact. With parental peer pressure, many parents end up expecting the world out of their children. Embrace your kid’s imperfections and try and slowly guide them away from those, instead of rebuking. Quick Tip: Remember to love them for themselves, and not for how well they perform in school.

4. List Down the Good and the Bad:

Kids are often confused about what is wrong and what is right, and this is where a parent often needs to step in. Your child may like to watch a favourite cartoon show on TV while you want her to go out and play. Don’t simply switch off the TV. Instead, allow some TV time, and then explain how physical activity and outdoor activities are fun. Quick Tip: A good way to do this is by taking your child with you for some outdoor activity. You can also join an outdoor sport class together.

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5. Set Up Goals:

As your child starts growing, you will need to start teaching him the importance of setting goals. This is a foolproof way to get your child motivated, be it for schoolwork or anything else they may be passionate about. For example, if your child loves painting, show her a painting that is a little better than what she does already, and tell her to try and be that much good. Quick Tip: Get her to create a list of her short term and long term goals in a scrapbook. Ask her to tick them along as and when she completes each goal.