22 Effective Tips To Make Your Teens Quit Smoking

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Do you remember your teenage days and how your parents managed you? Well, now it’s your turn.

If you are a parent to a teenager, it means your child has reached that challenging stage where he or she is not fully mature either physically or mentally, but is now more than a child. It is also the time when your child will listen to friends more than you.

One major concern that you may have as a parent to a teenager is to keep your teen away from any bad habits. One such bad habit is smoking.

Why teenagers smoke? Smoking among teenagers begins innocently, without any notice. Initially, teenagers start smoking for curiosity, and then continue for pleasure. Finally, they get addicted.

Teen Smoking Facts:

If you think you are alone, here are some facts you should take a look at:

  • Around 3000 children start smoking per day.
  • Around 20% teens in US are smokers.
  • It is difficult to quit, if they start in a young age.
  • According to a survey, 69.4 % teen smokers were never asked fo
    r age proof, while buying cigarettes.
  • Retailers sell cigarettes to 62.4 % under eighteen teens.
  • Most of the smokers are below 21 years of age.
  • Around 20% teens in US smoke regularly.
  • Around 90% adult smokers started smoking from teenage.

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Reasons For Teenage Smoking:

There are many unknown reasons for smoking. Below are common reasons that make your child smoke:

  • Smoking usually starts with a group of friends in a study place or in any other meeting place.
  • Teenagers feel smoking is nothing out of the ordinary, as their friends do it too.
  • Teens are more likely to start smoking if their parents or family members are smokers.
  • Teens smoke to get out of stress. Nicotine gives pleasure and a good feeling.
  • Teens get attracted to smoking due to advertisements and brands.
  • Teens get attracted towards smoking through movies and other sources in media.
  • Around 44% of teens do not know the negative effects of smoking.
  • Rebellion against something
  • As a demonstration / act of independence
  • To appear cool or older
  • Peer pressure

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Smoking Effects On Teens:

Smoking has become a common fashion statement among teens. The health of teenagers who smoke gets seriously affected:

  • Nicotine is not an addiction, but exceedingly poisonous, enough to kill someone with just one drop.
  • Around 1,500 kids become new smokers every day and die before reaching mid-age
  • Around 400 extremely poisonous chemicals enter into a smokers’ body.
  • Tobacco slows down the physical activities of your kids. It taps blood vessels and strains the heart. It cuts down oxygen supply and shortens the breath.
  • Nicotine fastens the heart beat and reduces its efficiency.
  • Smoking girls will develop hair on their face.
  • Quitting smoking is not an easy task for teens and 40% of them have failed.
  • Smoking easily leads to lung cancer. Even 5 cigarettes per day slug lung function and growth.
  • Teenage girls are more susceptible to lung cancer.
  • Young smokers can become emotional soon and are psychologically weak.
  • Smoking leads to other diseases like heart attacks, strokes, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and others.
  • Teen smokers will easily get addicted to alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.
  • Smoking spoils your beauty as your nails look sick and your teeth become yellow.
  • Skin ages faster in teenagers who smoke.
  • Teenagers who smoke get stinking breath.
  • Teen smokers produce more phlegm than non-smokers.
  • Smokers cannot have a sound sleep.
  • Teen smokers face early death because of smoking related diseases.
  • Teen smokers easily get depressed.
  • Smokers easily catch common cold.

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Ways To Make Your Teens Quit Smoking:

With proper guidance and approach, it is indeed possible to gently steer away your teenager from smoking. Some of the ways on how to prevent teenagers from smoking are as follows:

1. Act Early.

If you find that your teen is already smoking, it would be necessary for you to motivate him to stop the habit. Since youth have a rebellious nature, it will simply not be enough to reprimand your teenager. Things will be repeated over again, stealthily if needed, if your approach is negative.

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2. Set An Example, Be A Role Model.

If as an adult you are smoking, your teenager has every right to question your authority to prevent him from smoking! As a reliable parent, stop this bad habit so that it does not influence your teen in any way. Your kids will try to follow you.