12 Simple Ways To Ensure Toy Safety For Kids

Ways To Ensure Toy Safety For Kids

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What is childhood without toys? From time immemorial, children have been making use of toys to entertain themselves. But things have changed with time. From simple wooden and stone toys to the more complicated toys in use today – the children of this generation are surely spoilt for choice! Sadly though, toys today are also a source of worry for many parents! In fact, every year, a number of innocent lives are lost, thanks to toys (1).That is why it is important to ensure toy safety for kids when you are out for shopping. But don’t worry! Toy safety is not a very difficult concept to grasp. In fact, if you follow the tips given here, it’ll be easy to keep your kids safe.

Tips To Ensure Toy Safety For Kids:

1. Consider Your Kid’s Age:

When out toy shopping, keep your kid’s age in mind. If you are not sure about a toy, check the instruction. Most toys come with a clear recommendation when it comes to age. If you have a young child, make sure that the toy you are picking do

es not contain any small pieces or accessories as they can prove to be a choking hazard. You should also keep in mind your kid’s physical capability when you buy him a toy.

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2. Choose Quality Over Quantity:

Toys today can cost a fortune. So, it can be tempting to opt for cheaper toys just to make up the numbers. But if you value your kid’s safety, invest in a few good quality toys.

3. The Bigger, The Better:

If you child is younger than 3, make sure the toy you are picking for him is bigger than his mouth.

4. Say No To Balloons:

Kids love balloons. They are colorful, fun, and dangerous! Yes, latex balloons can prove to be fatal if ingested. So, keep your kid away from these cheery demons!

5. Weigh It In:

Can the toy you are buying injure your child if it fell on him? Then it is too heavy. Pick something lighter instead.

6. Keep The Chord Short:

Looking for a toy that your kid can pull along? Opt for one with a string or chord not longer than 12 inches. Anything longer than that can wrap around your kid’s neck and cause strangulation.

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7. Avoid Toys With Small Magnets:

In order to ensure toy safety for children, avoid toys which contain small magnetic pieces. They can easily fall out of the toys and swallowed by your child. If your kid swallows more than one of these magnets, it can lead to intestinal injury.

8. Dodge Toxic Toys:

Several toys may appear outwardly safe. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that they contain chemicals that can prove toxic. Make sure the toys you are picking for your little one does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury, or arsenic.

9. Avoid Toys That Contain Projectiles:

A gun, darts, and arrows – anything that can fly in the air can cause injury. Steer clear of such toys until your kid is old enough to handle them safely.

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10. Keep It Quite:

It is common to come across toys that play music or make noise. Ensure that you buy a toy that is not too loud though. A loud toy can not just harm your kid’s hearing but can also play havoc with your sanity.

11. Keep Toys Separate:

If you have two kids, make sure their toys are clearly demarcated. An older child’s toy can prove to be dangerous for a younger baby.

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12. Supervise, Always:

This is the most important point to keep in mind! When your kid is playing with his toys, make sure to keep an eye on him. No matter how careful you are about toy safety, accidents can always happen. So be watchful.

Toys should be fun, not a source of worry! So, next time you are out shopping for toys, keep these simple pointers in mind. Let you child enjoy his childhood to the fullest, but safely!

How do you ensure your child safety toys? Share your tips with us!