Top 10 Causes Of Stress In Teens


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To be fair, not all stress is bad. Certain level of stress can be good for one’s overall development, because they will give a healthy rush that gets the individual to perform above average in situations like deadlines or important events. But abnormal levels of stress are proved to be highly damaging leading to chronic diseases like depression, stomach ulcers and even certain nervous disorders.

In this article, we have covered the possible causes, solutions and precautions of various stress found in teenagers.

Reasons Behind Teenage Stress:

As a responsible parent, if you learn these reasons of stress then you can definitely help your teen cope up and overcome them better. We have defined such stress types below:

1. Academic Stress:

One of the topmost reasons for stress in teenagers is the constant pressure to do well academically. They often find it difficult to live up to their parent’s aspirations. If your teen is academically strong, then there is a normal pressure

to maintain performance, at the same time, or if he/she is not good in studies, the pressure increases in order to perform well. All these expectations add to your teen’s unending woes causing stress.

2. Social Stress:

Reaching adolescence, teens learn to interact socially and adjust in this highly complicated world. But slowly your teen may realize how important it is to gain social acceptance- be it with family, relatives, friends or peers, thus inviting stress through this constant struggle, to become viable for everyone.

3. Financial Stress:

It is usually seen that, there is no burden on teenagers to earn and fend for themselves. But if there is any financial strain in the family, it sometimes becomes difficult for a teen to handle. The thought of losing the current standard of living, may affect your teens mind in a negative manner. As he/she is aware of the dependency on you regarding monetary requirements, nothing much can be done to change the situation. This feeling of helplessness also results in stress among teenagers.

4. Stress Due to Family Problems:

Yes Indeed! Sometimes a family can also pose as a stress for your teen. Constant fights between parents, differences with siblings (including sibling rivalry) and disagreements with parents can highly distress a teen. Many a times, parent’s stressful jobs and lack of attention also pose as threats to many teenagers. Any small change in family equation may have a negative impact on your teen, so stay careful to avoid such trivial matters.

5. Romantic Relationships:

Adolescence is the age when most teens feel the need to be loved. To desire a particular boy or girl as their love interest, negative reciprocation’s and breakups with their lovers may become a significant aspect of your teenager’s life. He/she might find it really hard to overcome such painful instances resulting in high stress.

6. Stress Due to Physical or Physiological Changes:

A lot of changes in the form of hormonal fluctuations take place in your teen’s body. Therefore if your teen is obsessed with his/her physical appearance, he/she may easily get highly stressed to notice unwanted pimples on his/her face or other worrying changes in how he or she looks. He/she may find it too difficult to cope with such changes and thus feel stressed. Sometimes, the duration of physical growth makes a teen stressful.

7. Unhealthy Competition:

Nowadays, the latest trend among teenagers is to have competitions – which most of the time turns out fierce or unhealthy. A teenager is always faced with the urge of ‘’perform or perish’’. Be it academic, sports or any extra-curricular activity, your teen may be under severe pressure to excel. Severe competitions are another source of stress.