10 Parenting Tips To Raise Your Teens Well

Parenting Tips For Teenagers

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Do you feel difficulty in relating with your teenager? Are there frequent tiffs between you and him?

Managing a child in his adolescence is always a daunting task. Because in this stage, children are neither dependent kids nor fully grown youth. This passing phase brings challenges in the lives of both parent as well as the teenager. However, with a little bit of patience and some useful tips suggested below, you can definitely sail through this period and transform your teen in a confident youth.

Top 10 Tips For Parenting Teenagers:

Here are the top 10 good parenting tips for teenagers to maintain a stronger and healthier relationship.

1. Don’t Be A Parent; Be A Pal:

Now is not the time to baby them! Be less of a parent and more of a friend. In this stage it is very important to make your teen realize that you love and care for him. Instead of reprimanding for mistakes, show him that you understand the situations and are always ready to encourage him. This is one of the

best parenting teenagers tips you should adapt.

2. Respect Their Privacy:

Secrets form a large part of a teenager’s life. As a parent, it is good to know the ins and outs of your children’s life, but sometimes, it is also necessary to give them their own space and avoid interfering into their world. Let your child come to you if he/she needs you.

3. Adapt Yourself:

A teenager is not a child, so to some extent, it is necessary to prepare yourself for raising a teen. Read books or try to remember your own years as teenager and how you coped up with the changes in your life. The more you try to learn and empathize, the better you can understand your teens and their problems.

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4. Discipline, Not Punishment:

When you try to fix certain do’s and don’ts with your teen, never try to over impose yourself. Discuss discipline and take his opinions. Explain why it is important to set disciplinary rules and how can it benefit him. It is imperative to give him freedom to express his viewpoint before finalizing any set of disciplines.

5. Make Them Accountable:

In some cultures, a teenager is considered an adult. This is the right time to give them an introduction to responsibility. Try to give them more household responsibilities and also provide them with requisite autonomy to perform them. This shall instill the feeling of self-confidence and a sense of being responsible in them.

6. Find Regular Bonding Time:

Teenagers are notoriously uncommunicative, so parents have to make sure there is regular communication. Irrespective of hectic schedules and busy lifestyle, it is the duty of a parent to find a time when they can talk freely with their children and share their lives. It can be any time; during breakfast, evening chit-chat or dinner.

7. Be Proactive:

Find a good time and talk to your children on the issues faced by an adolescent, which they are often unable or shy to ask. It can be a harmless chatter about their music preferences, or it could be ‘serious’ topics such as puberty or sex. It is always better to answer their queries rather trying to evade them or giving vague replies.

8. Be Conscious and Cautious:

It is necessary to give your teen his privacy, but at the same time make it a point to (discreetly) know about his whereabouts and the company he keeps. But this does not mean you constantly spy and overhear their conversations. You should try to remain open in your communication, so that the child is never afraid to confront you.

9. Be Compassionate:

Before being harsh on your teen, try to put yourself in his shoes. Don’t be unreasonable and stick to rules and discipline. It is essential to be accommodating and understanding. Also remember to never use physical harm to discipline them. Research has proven that angry and abused teens usually grow up to be damaged or even abusive adults.

10. Be Worthy of Imitation:

Even in teenage, children will take after their parents, simply because they are the one constant thing in their changing world. If there is any disconnect between what you say and what you do, your teen will easily identify it. So always try to be their role model and become someone whom they would love to emulate.

More than any other phase, teenage parenting requires extra nourishment. Anybody can give food and shelter to a child, but only caring and understanding parents can show him the right path. So do handle with care and pretty soon, your teen will become adult and you will have even better times ahead!

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