10 Common Teenage Behavioral Problems And Their Solutions

Teenage Behavioral Problems And Their Solutions

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When your once sweet little child becomes an adolescent, there are bound to be problems. Because all of a sudden your teenager gets more independent and is more mobile; don’t be surprised if you find changes in his/her behavior.

No matter how good a child was in pre-teens, all teenagers develop behavioral problems. Some of these behavioral patterns may vanish with age, while some turn into grave issues.

Top 10 Ways to Handle Teenage Behaviour:

We present to you a meticulous list of top 10 teenage behavioUral problems. Being a parent, you should be able to understand these in advance. This will help you not only prepare yourself to handle the situation, but also get well-equipped to deal with such a situation correctly.

1. Staying Aloof:

You may feel surprised if you see your teenager suddenly staying aloof or away from family and relatives. It’s because he/she no longer enjoy your company or of siblings. Your newly blossomed teenager suddenly become reserved and detache

d and demands ample space. At this stage he/she may want company of same age teenagers and not the loving and caring family. Give your teen the space he/she needs.

2. Addiction to Social Media and Electronic Gadgets:

This is the time when the life of your teen revolves only around mobile phones, virtual social networking and other gadgets and gizmos. He/she usually becomes less communicative and rely more on virtual connection. Even while dining or in a social gathering, you will find them stuck to their devices like smartphones or tablets. The only way to make your teen aware of the other matters around him/her is through regular interactions.

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3. Breaking Rules Constantly:

Teenagers don’t like any fringes attached to their independence. Your child will absolutely hate it if anybody questions him/her with authority. Be it the teenage behaviour issues like coming home on time or being regular at school, teens always want things to happen their way. They hardly care for the rules and regulations. Make sure that you reproach your youngster with utmost caution, taking care not to sound too dominating.

4. Falling Prey To Bad Company:

Due to the constant peer pressure teens are more likely to fall into bad company. Your kid’s way of choosing friends depends on his or her perceptions at that uncertain age. With lesser understanding of what is right and wrong, your child will not often realize that their company is bad until he/she pays for it with brutal consequences. Step back and let your youngster learn the lesson as it is supposed to be. You can come into the scene if things go overboard.

5. Over Sensitiveness to Surroundings:

A teenager feels intensely even for trivial issues. Even on a small piece of advice you will see your teenager reacting or taking things very personally. They easily get hurt when scolded or rebuked. Teenagers usually tend to put up a drama for the big small things and their reactions are never in proportion to the action. You will have to let the phase pass. Give your child space to cope up.

6. Lying For Self Defense:

Teenagers often resort to telling lies as a remedy to save them from any kind of wrath. If you find your young children doing something wrong and you catch them, they quickly make up for the act by telling a lie. This situation can get worse in the long run, to curb it you need to be authoritative parent. Your teen should not feel fear or get scared while explaining you any of his/her wrong deed or else he/she will try to cover up by lying.

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7. Lack of Decision Making Skills:

Another important manifestation of a teen behaviour is poor sense of judgment and inability to decide. Your kids often do something because others are doing it. Also there are chances of leaving things midway without completing. You will find them remain more or less confused. Enhancing communication between you and your teen is the best way to deal with this issue.

8. Increase in Anger/Aggression:

Bouts of anger and aggressive behaviour are often found in teenagers; your children won’t be an exception. Such behaviour is not only harmful for their health but can trigger unnecessary problems. Those teens who show higher degree of anger might also be suffering from Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Such condition may be marked by chronic aggression, frequent outbursts of anger, tendency to argue and frequent annoying behaviour. Increased symptoms over a period of time will require the attention of a medical practitioner or a counselor.

9. Lack of Seriousness towards Life:

A teenager in your house may not take things seriously. Even when your kid receives advice from you, as a parent, he/she will make fun of it. Many a times, you will find them not taking their studies seriously and are often found lagging behind. This is a common concern at the time of adolescence. The issue can only get better by time, once you start interacting with your teen and make him/her understand why ‘seriousness’ is required in life.

10. Frequent Use of Swearing Words:

Many teenagers learn profanity inspired from peers, films and TV and display rude behaviour towards elders as well as others. Understand that your child wants to do the same as using such words considered to be cool and trendy in his peer group. Scolding, is not the option; instead be friendly with you teen and learn his/her choices on why he/she likes to use such words. During the process also induce him/her why these should not be used.
We hope our exhaustive piece on teenage behaviour help you deal with your teen at home in a simplified manner now on. Do share your experiences with us and let us know about your more valuable ideas, if any.

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