10 Everyday Life Skills Your Teen Should Learn

life skills for teens

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Education is important in one’s life, but to be a self sufficient adult, teens need to learn some life skills. Learning any life skill helps to become independent and live life smoothly.

At some point of time, every young adult needs to leave their home and lead an independent life. Most times, this happens when the teen opts for higher education, either in his country or abroad. In such a situation, more than academic skills, it is life skills that come in handy.

Top 10 Life Skills For Teens:

Teens usually feel they can easily step into the ‘adult’s’ world, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. It is up to the parents to make sure they teach their teens some important life skills for independent survival. Here is our list of life skills for teenagers before they fly out of the nest:

1. Budgeting Skills:

This is probably the most important of all life skills. Teaching your teenagers to pay bills on time and set a monthly budget is utmost important. Some other important mo

ney-related issue they need to learn includes:

  • How to use ATM machine.
  • Learn to keep track of online bank account(s).
  • Use Credit/debit card responsibly.
  • Maintain worksheet with updated expenditure.
  • Save up money in case of emergency.
  • Keep track of bills and other important papers.

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2. Housekeeping Skills:

You probably end up screaming at your teens, every time you see the mess they do in their rooms or some chores not done properly. Now is the time you teach them housekeeping skills.

  • Cleaning and dusting.
  • Basic plumbing skills.
  • Routine maintenance.
  • Fixing light bulbs.
  • Electrical circuit and switchboard basics.

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3. Clothing Skills:

Teaching teenagers to do their laundry or other clothing-related skills can be tricky. Be wicked! Use tricks, bribery, threats to make them do the following chores on their own.

  • Learning to hand wash clothes and treat stains.
  • Operating a washing machine.
  • Basic sewing skill in case of emergency.
  • Ironing, Folding and organizing clothes.
  • Understanding different fabric needs, and using hands to wash and dry some.

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4. Cooking Skills:

Now that you won’t be there to cook for your teen, it is time to make them learn the art of cooking and other cooking related skills. You can guide them in the following ways:

  • Buying healthy food.
  • Cooking healthy and well-balanced food.
  • Storing food properly to avoid wastage.
  • Usage of mixer grinder, microwave and stove top.
  • Usage of kitchen tools such as knives and cutlery.
  • Usage of refrigerator.

5. Transportation / Driving Skills:

Once your teen is independent, learning to drive carefully becomes crucial. If your teen is driving his/her own car then the following things must be taught.

  • Keeping all documents properly so that when stopped by police, you don’t need to search for it.
  • Learn to change tire in case of emergency.
  • Oil and Air check.
  • Maintenance of the car.
  • Even if he/she is using public transport it is important to know the routes, picking and drop of points and lastly its timing.

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6. Living Healthy:

Encouraging teens to stay healthy and hygiene is important for live a happy and independent life. Good hygiene, eating healthy is taught to throughout your teen’s childhood.

  • Keeping one’s body clean.
  • Using the right kind of soap, shampoo and deodorant.
  • Keeping toiletries neat and organized.
  • Selecting the right cosmetics.
  • Having a regular routine of fitness, such as walking or swimming.

7. Time Management / Self Management:

Teenagers are often considered lazy, because they need to be pushed all the time to do work. Managing time wisely will help them to accomplish task easily, and would make them feel good in their abilities. You should teach them to:

  • Know their limitation and plan their tasks accordingly.
  • Set goals and deadlines.
  • Break down big tasks into smaller sub-tasks.
  • Learn from previous mistakes and self-evaluate.
  • Balance duties, obligations and wants, in that order.

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8. Dealing With Emergencies:

Emergencies can arise anytime. Make sure you know whom to call on time of crisis. Some important number includes police, ambulance and firefighter.

  • Always have a compact first aid kit in the bag.
  • A note pad, with all important numbers, including emergency contact number and insurance policy number, should be at hand always.
  • If your teen owns a vehicle, he should learn how to change tires and deal with punctures.
  • Get your teen to learn basic first aid skills, which may enable him to save a life, should such a situation arise in the future.

9. Learning To Be Social:

It is important that you teach your teenage teen to be social, as this helps in gaining self confidence.

  • Take up a hobby and follow it as a lifelong passion.
  • Make healthy friendship and remember to value them.
  • Participate in social outreach events, such as volunteering for a good cause.
  • Develop knowledge in myriad subjects, not just in one or two.

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10. Usage Of Technology:

Internet has become an all-encompassing entity; knowing how to use it properly can make our life fast and easy. Learning application of technology is essential these days which includes:

  • Proper usage of social media.
  • Learn to look for information.
  • Be safe with information.
  • Be careful in using money online.
  • Basic knowledge of gadgets such as music system and phones.

So now that you are enlightened about life skills for teens, why waste time? When teaching life skills to teenagers, make sure your tone is soft and polite.

It is also important that you explain each benefits of doing something. Do not try to force feed your ideas as this never works with teens!

We hope this article has helped you in deciding what life skills you should first teach your teen! Please share your similar ideas and thoughts about this with us, in the section below.

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