10 Parenting Styles You Should Be Aware Of

Parenting Styles

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Which parenting style do you use? Are you an authoritarian parent or an authoritative one? A few years back this type of conversation was never heard of. There was no particular style required for parenting, as it was considered to be a trait that was as natural as breathing.

Now days, it is required that you choose a particular style to nurture your children. The style or type of parenting should be such that it suits your family and your lifestyle. Moreover, it is not possible to have a common parenting style as there are various factors that differentiate one parent from the other. Some of these factors are difference in culture, family size, parental background, education level, socio-economic stature and religion.

10 Different Types of Parenting Styles:

Have a look at these types of parenting styles and find out the ideal one for your family and your child.

1. Authoritarian Parenting:

As the name suggests, this parenting style is formed with strict rules, harsh pu

nishments for non-adhering rules. They are highly demanding but least responsive towards their children. In this style, parents provide no freedom of expression to their children and hardly show any warmth.

When this style is used for parenting, it is bound to make a child fearful and the one with low self-esteem. Such children might also face difficulty in managing social situations. Some children might also display aggressive behaviour outside home as a means to vent their frustration.

2. Authoritative Parenting:

In contrast to authoritarian parenting, here the parents set rules and regulations which are fair and consistent. They create high expectations from their children, but are highly responsive also. They allow children to express their opinion and encourage them to become independent.

Children nurtured under this style are said to be self-confident with good social skills and emotional control. Such children end up being more successful, competent and happy in life.

3. Indulgent or Permissive Parenting:

Under this type of parenting style, there are hardly any disciplinary rules. They have very few demands from their children. At the same time, they are highly responsive towards them and also quite lenient in their behavior. They often act as a friend than as a parent.

This type of parenting style may make children demanding, insecure and lacking in self-esteem. Children might be too self-involved and possess poor social skills. They tend to be aimless in life because of absence of any boundaries or guidelines from parents.

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4. Neglectful or Uninvolved Parenting:

Parents following this style are least demanding and least responsive towards their children. The communication between a parent and child is also at the lowest end. Here the parent fulfills only the basic needs of their children and neglect or reject any other needs that they develop.

They are almost detached from their children’s life. Children under such parenting become emotionally withdrawn and always remain fearful, anxious or under stress. There are more chances of such children going astray in adolescence.

5. Instinctive Parenting:

If you are following this style of parenting then it means that you are most likely to follow your intuition or go with the attitude flow. Under this style parents tries to nurture their children in the same way as they were brought up. They try to follow the same logic and rules that were applied to them during their childhood.

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6. Helicopter Parenting:

Here,parents usually interfere to a large extent in the life of their children. It is exactly like a helicopter that hovers! Parents try to overprotect their children and constantly ensure about their safety and security. This style is suitable while the child is an infant, however in the long run this style is considered to make children over dependent on their parents for small as well important things in life.