10 Best Parenting Magazines In India

Parenting Magazines In India

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A newborn needs your care and warmth, which you can provide him/her as you cherish every moment of parenthood. It is a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience that has its own share of ups and downs.

A decade back, parenting tips were only available from grandparents or from consulting doctors. But, nowadays it is not limited to these mediums. Today, you can learn more from media on how to take best care of your kid. A quick search on the Internet will give plenty of information from top medical journals, parenting magazines and both local and global newspapers.

How to Get Parenting Tips in India?

Today, learning parenting tips is easier than earlier due to the presence of good volume of books. As a new parent you can get additional parenting tip from media as well, especially online media. It has become quite easy for new parents to collect information on various aspects of parenting with just click of mouse.

If you take a quick look on the newspaper stands, you

will come across many magazines that offer parenting tips. We present you the 10 best parenting magazines in India here:

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10 Best Parenting Magazines in India

1. Child:

Child is a monthly magazine, published by Media Transasia India. One of the world’s leading parenting magazines, Child has been launched in April, 2008. It caters to the increasing numbers of educated, professional first- and second-time parents. The magazine covers every stage and age of children from pre-birth to 12 years of age.

2. Junior:

Junior is a monthly magazine marketed by Media Star in India. Junior features a mix of informative features and expert advice on all aspects of child development, education and health. It also includes children’s fashion, inspirational interiors and child-friendly travel suggestions.

3. Mother & Baby:

Mother & Baby is a monthly magazine published by Nextgen Publications. This magazine features positive articles and inspiring, beautifully shot pictures, to celebrate motherhood. It includes expert advice on pregnancy and baby product news in an easy-to- read format. It is a one-stop consultant for everything related to pregnancy, birth and child care.

4. Parent Edge:

Parent Edge is a bi-monthly magazine published by Prayag Consulting. The magazine caters to discerning Indian parents who care deeply about their children’s education and intellectual enrichment. Parent Edge caters to the needs of parents of school-going children, ages 3 to 18.

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5. Parents India:

Parents India is a monthly magazine published by MaXposure Media Group. This magazine is for the new-age mom who is part mother, wife, daughter-in-law, friend, and also a career woman.

6. Responsible Parenting:

Responsible Parenting is a monthly magazine published by Silverzone Enterprises. The magazine aims to equip parents with key skills that they can use to encourage positive behaviors in their children.

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7. Teacher:

Teacher is a quarterly magazine published by Australian Council. The magazine publishes articles by leading educators for bringing up children to be their academic and personal best.

8. Parent Circle:

Parent Circle is a website and a monthly magazine, published by ShriHarini Media Private Limited. This magazine brings together a community of parents, experts and educators to share their experience, knowledge and expertise on parenting.

9. Parent & Child:

Parent & Child magazine is a venture by Euro Kids International Private Limited. Published on a monthly basis, it focuses on various issues related to health, nutrition, education, leisure.

10. Parenting:

Parenting , now in its 21st year, is India’s largest selling, most trusted pregnancy, baby and child magazine.

We hope our list of 10 best magazines about parenting which will help you to get the tips that you were looking for. If you know of any good parenting magazine in India, not listed above, please share them with us below.

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