10 Tips To Increase Self Confidence In Teenagers

how to increase self confidence in teenagers

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Teenage is like a twilight zone, because your darling now is neither a child nor an adult. Most teenagers are confused, insecure and conscious about themselves during their teens.

What should be done to help teenagers in such a crucial phase?

As a parent, you are the one, who can tremendously help increase your teenager’s self confidence. How you mould your teenager today will decide the course of his or her life tomorrow. It is, therefore, extremely important to build a positive self esteem in your teenager.

What Is Self Confidence?

It is no secret that self confidence proves to be the most important key to one’s success in life. Self confidence is how one feels about himself or herself.

  • It affects the way one acts in public.
  • Also it clearly reflects the way one conducts himself or herself.
  • A healthy sense of one’s self plays a crucial role in forming one’s overall personality.
  • A positive development of one’s self confidence directly affects one’s happiness quotient.

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Why Is Self Confidence Necessary In Teenagers?

Self confidence gives a teenager the ability to face life, its challenges, uncertainty and even tackle disappointments, ups and downs of life better.

  • Relations, emotions, peer pressure, competition and expectations, together these things can play havoc on a teenager’s self confidence.
  • A positive self esteem can help a teenager go out and conquer his or her aims and goals in life.
  • It helps him build better bonds, relations and be a happy and mentally strong person.

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Parents’ Role In Increasing Teenagers’ Self Confidence:

Of all people, parents are the most important when it comes to building self confidence in teenagers. Your support in building confidence in teens can go a long way in moulding his personality.

  • Your actions and words impact your teenager the most.
  • How you feel about them and how you make them feel about themselves directly affects their level of self confidence.
  • The way you treat them also sets a benchmark about how others should treat your teenager.

10 Tips On How To Increase Self Confidence In Teenagers:

Teenage is where a child is moulded into an adult. It is such a sensitive process that only the parents have the tools (such as patience and courage!) to do it. Here are some of the easiest and useful tips on increasing your teenager’s self confidence.

1. Show Respect:

Do not forget – your teenager is not a child anymore and is a near-adult, and as such, deserves respect just like any other adult.

  • When you address your teenager, always show respect. Do not let disdain or contempt show in your tone!
  • Always treat their problems and fears with importance. Never shun off your teenager’s fears as a childhood worry.

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2. Praise Often:

You must praise your teenager often. Be generous with your compliments.

  • When you praise your teenager for something good they did, it boosts their confidence in heaps and bounds. It encourages them to do even better next time.
  • Always express yourself and let them know how good and proud you feel to have them as your kid.

3. Avoid Criticism:

Try and avoid criticising as much as you can. Criticism can be detrimental for your teenager’s self confidence.

  • If you disapprove or dislike something that involves your teen, take time to sit with them and talk it out.
  • Teenagers often take criticism as ridicule or shame. At times, when criticism is unavoidable, watch your tone.